As regards the White House, it is no news that Donald Trump has been gearing for another bid in 2024.

The former president is still a hot topic in the political scene, and a significant presence in Republican politics, and as statistics show, still majorly favored (over half of the registered GOP voters want Trump to run for a second term).

Meadows, who served as Trump’s Chief of Staff, fervently talked about the high possibility of Trump running again.

Only this time, there is a chance that the former President might well square off against none other than his former deputy.

Pence has stepped into the limelight with his frequently occurring public appearances and has given a campaign-like speech at a college in Virginia.

On schooling and politics

Pence addressed issues of educational nature, such as the way that schools handled the covid-19 outbreak and pandemic, criticizing the decision to restrict schooling to children’s homes, but adding nevertheless that useful information was gathered as a result of the decision.

Namely, he stated that parents were given a chance to measure and gauge their children’s education.

Furthermore, he gave his thoughts on the commonly presented ideas in modern-day schooling.

For one, he slammed the critical race theory and concluded that any practices concerning it had no place in children’s classrooms.

He finds it a tool of indoctrination, and a slanderous thing altogether as far as pertains to American values.

To follow up on that, Pence has expressed his disapproval of public schooling, on the whole, saying that the goals of such areas far removed from education as possible, and instead aligned with politics, left-wing politics, to be precise.

He then went on to explain how he finds that children are nowadays being taught to hate themselves because of their skin color, as well as that no subject is free from the filter of racial discourse.

To add to this, he addressed an incident stemming from President Biden’s decision to investigate parents of children in public schools following some outrage over decisions in the school environment, harshly criticizing it.

To give some perspective into this, a case involving a father acting out against the inaction of school authorities after an attempt at informing them that a boy in a girl’s clothing had sexually assaulted his daughter led to the father’s arrest.

Pence has disclosed his plans for visits to other colleges as well and has made appearances at Republican fundraisers.