As the Virginia gubernatorial race brings to a close, democrats seemingly pointed and outraged at the sight of alleged „nazis” supporting the republican candidate Glenn Youngkin in Charlottesville.

The election seemed like a sure win for the democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe until a surge of support came for Youngkin in recent weeks.

This Friday, with Youngkin visiting Charlottesville as a final push in his campaign, a group of men and women, dressed in iconic white shirts and khakis carrying tiki torches unmistakenly in reference to 2017’s „Unite the Right” rally, stood in front of Youngkin’s campaign bus showing their supposed support for the candidate.

Local media instantly jumped on the story, reporting that the group was chanting the words: „We’re all in for Glenn” as they stood in the pouring rain.

Terry McAuliffe’s campaign staff did not waste any time, alienizing Youngkin’s voter base and defaming the candidate in the process.

One such, Jen Goodman, stated that this kind of supporter behavior is disgusting and disqualifying, hinting at the idea that the group of people could be „nazis.”

McAuliffe isolated himself from the incident though, stating that his campaign has nothing to do with the stunt.

Clayton Bigsby and 4 local theater runoffs in Charlottesville, VA

Not long after, the story reached the internet where a more general public opinion was established, with many claiming that it is very obvious this was a stunt by the democratic party.

Following this, the alleged activists instantly wiped their social media accounts, in a ditch effort to save the truth from being uncovered.

Alec Sears, a Republican political consultant tweeted that the false-flag operation reeks of McAuliffe’s work, adding that the democrat is 8 points behind Youngkin, and this could’ve been an attempt at winning the race, underhanded as it may be.

Twitter made sure to poke and laugh at the idea an African-American man was part of the protest, immediately likening him to Clayton Bigsby, a fictional, blind Klan headsman of African origin, originally depicted in Dave Chapelle’s Show on Comedy Central.

Soon after, a controversial outlet run by republicans-turned-democrat Lincoln project admitted to the stunt being there doing, explaining that it was an attempt to show Virginia Youngkin’s „true colors.“

Many did not believe this confession, as these sort of controversial outlets make sure that their involvement is known right away, continuing to shift the blame onto McAuliffe’s campaign.

This resulted in McAuliffe’s staff condemning the stunt right after spending an entire day trying to ride on its wings, a disgusting and disrespectful move, especially in a town that has suffered 3 deaths due to the event McAuliffe’s campaign made a mockery of.

Youngkin’s rating continues to go up as the public loudly supported his opposition to mask mandates and teaching Critical Race Theory in schools.

Youngkin is currently 8 points ahead of his opponent Terry McAuliffe.

Additionally, Virginia state delegate Sally Hudson heavily criticized Friday’s stunt, demanding that Charlotessvile is not a prop and will not serve to push any fake agenda, especially after so many years of trauma have set in.