Due to his endeavors to advocate for the existence and present a solution for climate change, US president Joe Biden is to attend and speak at the international Climate Change Summit in Glasgow Scotland.

What the president didn’t figure out though, was how would he get there in an ecological manner, as he was spotted in Italy, along with 84 other cars containing his security and entourage.

There would be no issue had these been the electric cars that the president is so adamantly in support of, but rather, they were standard issue gas Guzzler government SUVs and Italian Alpha Romeo’s, which coincidentally, are famous for their above-average carbon emissions.

A quick study has shown that the carbon footprint left behind will be immense, with the trip generating over 2.2 million pounds of carbon that will go up into the atmosphere.

The Air force 1 presidential planes take the blame for most of this as they alone will produce nearly 2.16 of the 2.2+ million pounds of carbon emissions.

The fleet, as usual always contains a decoy plane, and 2 smaller planes to carry the president’s vehicles, which, again, is irresponsible spending, as luxury and armored car rentals are a thing everywhere in the world and one such proponent of clean energy should try to do at least that much for the planet.

Sadly, Biden doesn’t seem to care too much about numbers, despite them showing that his airplane fleet emits 54 pounds of carbon for each mile flown, which is around 150 times larger than the average American’s carbon footprint for a similar distance traveled by plane.

On that same note, the president’s „Beast” caddy spits out 8.7 pounds of carbon for each mile driven, 10x more than an average car, and you should think to double those numbers, as the „beast” also has a decoy.

This called for a lot of criticism for the president and his hypocritical ways, but the White House officials argued that there is no other way to ensure Biden’s safety.

Criticism from the general public as Biden’s approval rating continues to drop

This isn’t the first time the presidential fleet would receive criticism, in fact, it has been on the chopping block for many years now, as many have stated that a „greener” alternative was available.

This seemed to fall on deaf ears as the Jet engines on the Air Force 1 continues to be such large pollutants, and to top it off, just operating the plane alone costs $200,000 of what is probably taxpayer money.

So let’s get this clear, we are forced to pay taxes that serve as funding for eco-friendly energy resources, while also paying for Biden’s plane to pollute more than any of us could in a lifetime?

Seems awfully unfair.

Twitter was not happy with these facts surfacing, with many calling Biden a Hypocrite and criticizing his very lax attitude towards the issue at hand.

Biden’s ratings continue to go down and with good reason, as the president seems to be making continuous lapses in judgment like deciding to retreat the US forces on such short notice, effectively throwing a country into the hands of the very criminals the US has fought to exterminate since 2001.