After the chaos caused by the vaccine mandate focused on city workers on Monday, Bill DeBlasio stated that the shortage of cops, firefighters, and EMTs is a blatant lie by the unions.

As of now, there are over 325,000 workers who are vaccinated but more than 9,000 have chosen to exercise their right not to be vaccinated, much to the mayor’s dissatisfaction.

This caused over 5,500 cops, 2,500 firefighters, 800 EMTs, and 1700 sanitation workers to take unpaid leave, leaving those services in massive shortages of the workforce.

Some appear to have called in sick following the mandate to avoid being put on unpaid leave due to not receiving vaccines.

The reasons for refusing to get the jab vary, but they are all constitutional and go along with every citizen’s right to willingly not get vaccinated.

Some wouldn’t take the vaccine as it violated their religious beliefs as dozens of Christian cops would be forced to take a vaccine that used cells from aborted fetuses during its research.

Others simply weren’t given enough time to think about it carefully, as the mandate was to become official on October 20th.

DeBlasio can’t decide whether the shortages are real or not

The commissioner of the FDNY, Dan Nigro, admitted at a briefing that 18 units were down, with many remaining severely understaffed, but DeBlasio wrote this off as a personal attack on him by the unions, claiming they were lying to cause mass panic and hysteria.

He stated that there has been a lot of misinformation lately but that he can assure all services are working just fine.

On another note, many firehouse representatives urged the public that these shortages could prove to be fatal for the NY citizens should any form of accident occur.

Captain Charles Saladis of unit 18 on Manhattan’s Lower East side stated that both he and his unit preferred if they could choose between the vaccine and the occasional COVID test, adding that they all love their jobs, they just wish to be able to do them without any ultimatums.

He added that only a month ago, the mayor praised them as heroes in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy, and now they’re being stripped of their right of choice.

Other officials seem to have taken DeBlasio’s side of the story, with Dermot Shea, Police commissioner, stating that the force is still in strong shape and in no way is it understaffed.

Dozens of thousands left without pay in New York’s freezing cold November

Currently, fire stations and EMTs are struggling to maintain their regular schedules, recruiting volunteer workers as means of keeping up.

There are estimates that around 20% of fire companies will have to close and there will be 20% fewer ambulances in service, a substantial margin for a city the size of New York.

DeBlasio joined in on the topic, despite earlier claiming that there are no shortages, stating that the sanitation department will move into 12-hour shifts, as opposed to the previous ones that lasted 8 hours.

This brings forth dark days for these already heavily overworked and underpaid service workers, especially as DeBlasio stated that starting November 1st, any who are not vaccinated will not receive their salaries, effectively causing nearly 29,000 workers who haven’t gotten the jab yet to lose pay for an entire month.

DeBlasio’s mandate lasts until December 31st and many would be happy to see him replaced with someone who puts his people’s rights before everything else.