Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, the Democrat President of the United States of America and the leader by default of the Free World, has finally discovered a sufficiently high-profile audience in order to showcase the truthfulness and authenticity of his nickname, “Sleepy Joe”.

In fact, the Democrat president may have made the special trip from the US to Rome, Italy, and from there to Glasgow, Scotland, just to demonstrate to the world how good it is to take sweet 10 am naps during an empty-worded UN climate change conference.

Or perhaps Biden thought dozing off is a way to demonstrate America’s might and his own power – which have gone so gigantic under his wise and efficient rule that he may sleep wherever and whenever his senile old head feels like it.

Catching up on sleep

In any case, 78-year-old Sleepy Joe was certainly caught sleeping, or just “resting his eyes”, during the opening remarks in Glasgow, Scotland, for the COP26 conference on climate change, The Daily Mail reported.

Biden kept dozing off for his sweet mid-morning nap as a speaker was calling for taking bold action to put an end to climate change.

In fact, the presumed leader of the Free World could be seen drifting so stubbornly that he only woke up properly after an aide, who might have been sent in specially for the purpose of keeping Joe awake and not just “woke”, came up and started chatting with him.

Even as he seemed to liven up, as the Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, took the stage for his speech, Sleepy Joe started rubbing his eyes and sitting forward.

As his turn came up later, as he was addressing the COP26 forum, Biden at one point wiped his nose.

Sleepy Joe told the representatives of the other nations that climate change “isn’t hypothetical” and has already been “ravaging the world.”

He described the 2020s as “a decisive decade” for humanity to prove that it can come together in order to achieve the UN-set goal of keeping the rise of global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Biden then took a cheap shot at his predecessor President Donald Trump by apologizing to the crowd of world leaders for the latter’s withdrawal of the United States from the 2015 Paris climate change agreement.

Sleepy Joe ended his speech by wishing everybody that “God bless” them and that God help save the planet.

Chimes going off except in Biden’s head

Even though each of the speakers at the COP26 conference in Glasgow was only allowed three minutes to address the conference, Biden once again drifted off, speaking for a total of 11 minutes.

A chime that came at the end of the third minute kept going off every extra minute during Biden’s speech for a total of eight times.

Meanwhile, environmental activists took to social media to lambast the carbon emissions that Biden caused just in order to make it to the G-20 summit in Rome and then Glasgow, by flying on Air Force One and then moving around with massive cavalcades, with just his Rome convey containing a whopping 85 vehicles.

So it is hard to say whether Sleepy Joe will help anti-climate change efforts in any tangible way but at least he managed to catch a sweet nap with some soothing empty-worded UN speech in the background.