It isn’t as though Democrat President Sleepy, Creepy, and Empty Shelves Joe Biden is going to see his senility magically go away and stop having absolutely embarrassing moments simply because he is abroad – as his 26-minute-long news conference following the G-20 summit in Rome on Sunday demonstrated.

If anything, foreign trips are far more dangerous in terms of blowing Biden’s cover-ups and exposing his utter senility since foreign journalists aren’t likely to be as tightly controlled by the liberal left as are America’s.

Actually, the trip to Rome, which includes a second destination at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, is only Biden’s second visit abroad.

‘Luckily’ for Biden’s aides, there is the COVID-19 pandemic that they use in order to justify his not traveling abroad.

The elevator play

During his previous foreign trip, during the G-7 summit in London, Biden got lost at a restaurant, with his wife and apparently chief caretaker Jill rushing to grab hold of him.

When he came for his news conference in Rome on Sunday, Sleepy Joe arrived more than 20 minutes late.

He did acknowledge that, and, in one of the most bizarre moments of his presidency so far – and there have been a lot of those – he put forth “elevators” and “playing” with them as the reason for his being late.

Empty Shelves Joe first apologized and then stated that “we were playing with elevators”, and that it was a “long story”, which he didn’t dare to narrate – leaving out any details about who is “we”, what kind of “elevator playing” had occurred, and why would he even say that to the American and the world press anyway.

According to a tally by Fox News, Biden has been a total of 22.4 minutes late on average for public events in the period between June 1 and the 2nd week of October, in some cases being over an hour late.

The bizarre moments in Rome didn’t end there as, when he began taking reporters’ questions, he once again seemingly admitted that somebody else is running the show, and that he gets instructed beforehand whose questions to take.

Thus, Empty Shelves Joe declared that he was “told to start with” the Associated Press reporter who was present.

Scratching his forehead

In another high questionable and indicative moment of the Rome press conference, as he wrapped it up, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy shouted at Biden a question about whether it is true that his administration is considering seriously making whopping $450,000 per head payments to illegal immigrants which were separated at the border under President Donald Trump’s zero-compromise policy towards illegal immigrants caught at the border.

Biden was already on an escalator when Doocy shouted the question, so the only reaction on part of Sleepy Joe was simply to look away and to just scratch his forehead.

It’s refreshing to see Empty Shelves Joe demonstrated his senility with bizarre moments abroad, and not just at home in America.

After Rome, the Democrat President headed for a climate change conference in Glasgow, the UK, where he can do more playing with elevators, because why not.