A new report by The Washington Post, one of the top liberal leftist propaganda outlets in America, which cannot be verified as it cites anonymous sources, claims that Republican Senator of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, actively urged the Capitol Police to shoot down protesters who breached the US Capitol on January 6.

For most of President Donald Trump’s presidency, Graham was a staunch ally of Trump’s.

After the so-called Capitol riot he distanced himself from the then president, but more recently has once again started to warm up to him.

Claims he wanted to retake Senate by force

According to The Washington Post, at one point during the January 6 events at the Capitol, Graham called upon the police to be “using” their guns in order to retake the Senate.

The claims are contained in the second chapter of the WaPo report.

The chapter is entitled “Bloodshed,” and tells the story of the South Carolina Senator who was being evacuated out of his chambers and was being taken to an undisclosed location once rioters breached the Capitol building.

The quoted sources allege that Graham was yelling at the sergeant-in-arms of the Senate, asking him what they were doing, and why they aren’t fighting off the protesters in order to “take back” territory inside the building.

The riot at the US Capitol occurred after the building was stormed by supporters of President Donald Trump outraged at the still not at all dispelled suspicions of widespread manipulation and voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

The rally at the Capitol was held precisely on the day when the lawmakers were meeting to certify the 2020 election victory of Sleepy Joe Biden over President Donald Trump which has seen the former occupy the White House for nine months now causing irreparable damage to the United States.

The crowd at the time was demanding the overturning of the election results and/or then-Vice President Mike Pence refusing to affirm them.

The report of the Washington Post further alleges that during the riot, Senator Lindsey Graham got in touch with Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, and begged her to get her father to remove “these people out of here”, a reference to the pro-Trump protesters.

As he called upon Ivanka to have the president tell the crown to “stand down”, Graham is reported to have declared that “this thing is going south”.

‘Count me out’

Shortly after that, Trump did exactly that, as he released a video statement amid the riot, asking the protesters to go home.

Big Tech Marxist-allied social media, however, were quick to censor his message, claiming that it was actually sending the so-called rioters “mixed signals.”

After the riot, Graham declared from the Senate floor that Trump has to “count” him “out” because of the January 6 events.

Since then, he has been trying to cozy up to Trump once again, and in October said he wanted to see him run for president once again in 2024.

POTUS 45, however, has said recently that Graham should be “ashamed” because of reports that the latter did looking into 2020 election fraud claims, and didn’t find them to have any merit.