The vicious proponents of the sick ideology of transgenderism and “gender politics” have long ago gained a foothold into the abuse of the rule of law for the advancement of their disgusting agenda.

So much so that the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the American government are finding themselves willingly or unwillingly helping boost transgenderism beyond imagination precisely through the mechanisms of the rule of law which used to be the pride of the American nation as rooted in the traditions of Roman law and Anglo-Saxon law.

Forget your religious freedom and the First Amendment

Thus, in this new setup, in which the laws and institutions of the American republic have turned into bulwarks of transgenderism, wokeism, and other utterly devastating concepts, on Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States turned down an appeal by a California-based Catholic hospital trying to get rid of the lawsuit of a woman claiming to be a man.

The Mercy San Juan Medical Center, which is located in the Sacramento area and is owned by Dignity Health, refused to allow the “trans man” to undergo a hysterectomy on its premises.

In their snubbing of the Catholic hospital’s appeal, the SCOTUS justices revived the lawsuit by plaintiff Evan Minton who claims that she, or he, was discriminated against for being transgender.

Only three of the nine justices – Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas – agreed to hear the appeal by the Catholic hospital, Reuters reported, as cited by The Daily Wire.

The case goes back to 2016 when the Mercy San Juan Medical Center at first scheduled the procedure later changing its mind.

The hospital then allowed Minton’s doctor to do the surgery at a different venue in its system several days later.

Back in 2019, a California court of appeals revived the case by dismissing the argument of the hospital that such procedures run counter to its religious beliefs thus violating its First Amendment right of free exercising of religion.

Keeping toilets as “gender choice”

The case is a new legal victory for transgenderism, after in June, SCOTUS refused to consider reversing a ruling which had allowed students claiming to be of the opposite sex to use the bathrooms of that opposite sex.

Back then the court refused to hear Gavin Grimm’s case.

Grimm is a biological woman identifying as a man, who sued the school board of Gloucester County, Virginia, for “limiting” restroom use to “the corresponding biological genders.”

Grimm’s case at first reached SCOTUS in 2017 but the argument for it got canceled after in 2017 President Donald Trump reversed the policy of the Obama administration allowing students to use bathrooms at will depending on their made-up “gender identity.”

It is just incredibly sad how such a vile anti-American ideology as transgenderism is utilizing the rule of law in order to gain traction and advance further.