Following Manchin’s decision to not back Biden’s huge $1.75 trillion „build back better” plan, Cori Bush, democratic representative decided to voice her opinion, as the rejection of the plan basically cuts her paycheck.

Namely, she felt attacked by Manchin’s decision to stall the bill, as she is a minority and a single mother.

She stated that Manchin shouldn’t get a say in what goes, because obviously - he is a white male, and that she would rather trust the parents in her community than a democratic senator.

Continuing, Bush claimed Joe to be anti-black, woman, child, and immigrant and that it is his duty to support the „build back better” act.

What she failed to realize are Manchin’s noble intentions behind not wanting to support the bill as he previously stated that he is not willing to support any bill that would throw the US into economical chaos.

The bill originally started with a budget of $3.5 trillion but was whittled down due to budget cuts and currently sits at $1.75 trillion, which is still too much for Manchin to give up.

He stated that until all the consequential of the bill are thoroughly explained he will not support it, and might go as far as to vote against it if he feels it could hurt the US and its economy, a clever decision as the country is already sitting on $29 trillion of debt and adding more to it irresponsibly could bring inflation to historic proportions, hurting American families in the process.

Manchin further called the bill a recipe for an economic crisis and assured that if the bill gets approved, it would cost a lot more than it appears on paper.

Immediately after his statements, The White House officials released one of their own, claiming that the final rendition of the bill would win Manchin’s support.

Opposing opinions on the impending issue of inflation should the bill pass

After the press conference, Nancy Pelosi also refused to accept Manchin’s claims, adding that the bill can’t possibly increase inflation as it is fully paid for and that it will only grow the economy further without any substantial risk.

Many seem to be in disagreement over just how effective or detrimental the bill could be but only time will tell if it does get passed.

As the press conference came to a close, Manchin walked out, refusing to give out any further comments.

In response, representative Pramila Jayapal assured the press that the president is working on getting the votes for the bill and that they’re tired of waiting for one or two people to make up their minds.

Currently, both Manchin and Democrat senator Kyrsten Sinema are holding out on the bill despite being „progressives” themselves, with Sinema deciding to vote against the bill in light of taxes for those with income greater than $10 million being added to it as a way to cancel out the social spending and climate change programs.

It is important to note that paid family leave, two years of free community college, vision care, dental care, and negotiation on prescription drug prices via medicare were all cut from the bill.