The latest poll results have shown that many of Sleepy Joe Biden’s supporters might abandon his side in the 2024 elections, as his Administration is sinking without a trace!

With 44% of leftist voters stating that they would want a different candidate on the Democratic ballot 2024, Joe might find himself in quite a tight spot, but hey, what more could you expect from a President who managed to cause numerous crises in such a short period of time.

Biden’s support continues to plummet

The poll results show that only 36% of progressives are still with Biden, and 20% remain unsure.

On the other side of the political aisle, 51% of republican-leaning voters have stated that former president Donald Trump has better chances of winning than any other GOP candidate, with 35% stating it could be someone else and only 14% being unsure.

The impeached ex-president has not left a statement on whether he will be running in 2024 but assured that he will let the public know after the 2022 midterms.

As it stands, even democrats don’t want Joe in office any longer than need be.

Sadly, that might not turn out to be the case, at least if you ask Biden, as he has previously stated that he isn’t planning to run only for one term.

However, with his many missteps during his presidency and his rating going down daily, Joe might not even get a chance to run again.

Currently, his approval sits at 44% with disapproval at 49% solidifying his spot as the 2nd least supported 1st term president, 1st on the list being - Trump who, in contrast to Biden, had the mainstream media and Big Tech on his back during the whole term.

Some would think that after impeaching a president to instate another one, things would turn for the better, but Biden’s presidency has been a downward spiral.

Democrats lose faith in their party

The Virginia gubernatorial race between McAuliffe and Youngkin might be a turning point for Biden’s presidency as it will demonstrate just how much the democratic voter body believes in its party.

Currently, Youngkin who is backed by Trump is surging in the polls and looks to have a good shot at becoming governor of the predominantly democrat state of Virginia.

It’s also going to be a tight race during the 2022 congressional elections, as the democratic candidate will possibly have 44% of the votes, which is only 3% more than the Republican side.

Things will continue to change as the same poll in September showed 52% support for democratic candidates.

The races will definitely continue, and Biden seems to be running out of gas.