The United States of America has been misled down a very dangerous path by vicious Marxist wokeists in which there won’t be any true justice as justice, abiding by the laws, and keeping the rules are increasingly being made conditional on skin color.

Those cities and states across the nation who are being run by Democrats, nowadays increasingly a euphemism for far-left radicals, as well as the federal government if it has the same wretched fate – are already shutting their eyes in many cases in which those in violation happen to be “people of color” – for fearing of appearing “racist.”

Reducing the ‘negative interactions’

The Democrat-run city of Philadelphia seems to be at the forefront of that lunacy as it has now become the first major American city that has banned the police from making the so-called “minor” traffic stops, i.e. traffic stops over low-level violations, including missing registration tickets or broken tailpipes.

A statement by the Philadelphia City Council has announced that the city’s Democrat Mayor, Jim Kenney, has signed into law numerous bills which are supposed to “stop racial profiling” and “increase equality” through the “lessening of negative interactions” with the city police officers.

So what is considered important here is not that those in violation are held accountable but that there shouldn’t be “negative interactions”, whatever the heck that might mean.

As part of the policy shift, the new legislation is reclassifying several types of offenses as “secondary violations.”

Citations for those are only issued to the drivers by mail, which is supposed to remove the need for low-level traffic stops.

The released notes that the low-level stops are oftentimes used as a pretext in order to stop and search the respective drivers.

The new pieces of legislation in the city of Philadelphia are called “Driving Equality bills”, and were drafted by Councilmember Isaiah Thomas, who is quoted as saying that the city authorities are going to rely on data to figure out if the enforcement of the new city laws would have to be amended, or if more traffic stops should be ended.

Thomas added that the results will also make it clear if Philadelphia will be leading the nation “on this civil rights issue”, and whether its move could be replicated by other cities.

Philadelphia’s City Council adopted the main bill to end minor traffic stops in mid-October, with 14 votes in favor and 2 votes against, after data showed that black drivers were 3.4 times more likely to be pulled over by the local police than white drivers.

Although black people make up 42% of Philadelphia’s population, they also make up 72% of all drivers pulled over by the police, Thomas said.

Minor traffic stops making people ‘uncomfortable’

Thomas, who himself is black, maintained that his bills will tackle “racial inequities and profiling” in Philadelphia, and said he has been stopped by the police “more times than” he could count.

He explained that “the way” Philadelphia’s black men are searched can make them “very, very uncomfortable.”

Because in today’s wokeist America we are all about making people comfortable – except for white people who are “evil” by default, and must be subdued.

It remains to be seen what effects Philadelphia’s no-minor-traffic-stops legislation will have but it will most likely backfire and have much worse consequences than the supposed “uncomfortable” situation that it is intended to rectify.