The state of Virginia is voting on Tuesday to elect its next governor, and, despite the really tight race in which former governor Terry McAuliffe used to be in the lead, the latest polls are showing that Republican candidate backed by President Donald Trump, Glenn Youngkin, has got an edge over his opponent.

As the Election Day was about to kick off, the state authorities announced a record number of 1.1 million people cast their ballots early, by last weekend’s deadline.

That is out of a total of 5.9 eligible voters in the state, according to data cited by CNBC.

In the previous governor elections in Virginia, only a total of 200,000 votes were cast earlier.

In the 2020 presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden carried the state by 10 percentage points, and in 2016, the then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won by 5 points.

Youngkin upbeat about early voting results

However, a lot has changed since then, the turnout for the governor’s vote is expected to be lower than in the 2020 presidential vote, and Empty Shelves Joe’s popularity has totally plummeted.

Unlike in previous elections, this time the state of Virginia is going to announce the results from the absentee ballots first.

That is based on a new law by the state’s General Assembly to avoid the typical case in which early, mail-in tallies come after the election day results, thus creating doubts of fraud if they happen to overturn them.

As per the new law, Virginia’s election officials are required to begin processing the absentee ballots a week before the actual Election Day.

Back in 2020, President Donald Trump was in the lead in Virginia as per the Election Day votes when his lead “vanished” after the tallying of the mail-in ballots, leading to the overwhelming suspicions of voter fraud.

The very latest polls are giving Republican Glenn Youngkin an edge over Terry McAuliffe, who was the failed Democrat Governor of Virginia in 2014-2018.

Forecasts are that McAuliffe would still win among the early voters while Youngkin would win the Election Day vote.

Speaking in a Fox News interview on Monday, the night before the vote, Youngkin sound very upbeat even about the results from the absentee voting.

He noted that while “historically” some 75%-80% of the early voters are Democrats, he was going to have a “surprisingly good” Republican turnout among early voters this time.

Trump calls out the Democrat ‘perverts’

President Donald Trump didn’t campaign in person for Youngkin but has endorsed him heavily, including through an online event.

What is more, on Monday, Trump released a statement with all-out support for Youngkin, which called his opponents “perverts.”

A prominent part in the race has been played by the transgenderist and wokeist scandals in Virginia’s Loudoun County where the local school board has been trying to cover up girl’s school bathroom rape by a “skirt-wearing boy”, and is teaching 6-year-old white girls to think of themselves as “evil” because of their skin color.

While failed wokeist McAuliffe has vowed to crack down on the state’s white teachers, Glenn Youngkin has promised to ban critical race theory in public schools on his first day in office.