According to Meghan McCain, the Virginia election, and Glenn Youngkin’s triumph, is an obvious indication to Republicans they don’t need “Trumpism” to be optimistic about midterms and the 2024 general election, and apart from the latest success - Republicans have more reasons to celebrate.

The Old Dominion is traditionally a blue state, as Biden won Virginia by 10 points, Clinton won it in 2016, and Obama won it in both the 2012 and 2008 presidential races.

Virginia voters have long been a trusted Democrat voting body, and no political analyst could have predicted such a turnaround.

So, what is going on in Virginia?

The revenge of parents

McCain stated how “the people of Virginia are obviously fed up” with the problems that have shaken this state over the last year and a half, and the government led by Sleepy Joe Biden did absolutely nothing to prove the critics wrong.

Virginia has been plagued by the far-leftist ideology for the past 18 months, ranging from the spread of Critical race theory, the closure of schools by teachers’ unions and the refusal to re-open them, the boy in a skirt rape scandal, the school board’s role in the scandal, parents who want to protect their children from such incidents being called domestic terrorists leading even up to their arrests to statements such as - parents have no place in classrooms.

The failed Democrat narrative has awakened a new voting power in Virginia - Parent Power, which clearly says NO MORE to racist teaching how skin color dictates kids future, NO MORE to the cover-up of sexual violence in schools by invoking the rights of trans students, and NO MORE to labeling and harassing parents who want to protect their children from such incidents and violence.

Accordingly, Youngkin’s success has certainly been influenced by the apparent loss of confidence and the decline in the Biden administration’s popularity, as well as rising inflation that can be witnessed by any American who has compared this year’s food prices with the ones from the last year or refueled its tank.

Dems’ heavyweights failed to win

Democratic candidate McAuliffe pulled out all his strongest weapons in the campaign against Youngkin, as Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Harris publicly supported his campaign, again showing a lack of understanding for the problems of the people of Virginia and advocating their “progressive” utopian ideas.

Obama, for example, stated how the so-called culture wars in Virginia’s schools are a republican fabrication, thus publicly demonstrating a complete misunderstanding for the problems Virginia’s children and parents face on a daily basis.

Aside from the Youngkin’s victory, the result of this election might be the political death of McAuliffe, who was swallowed up in a whirlwind of democratic non-living delusions.

McCain tried to “slam-dunk” her piece by stating that “this election showed that there is no unbreakable link between Republicans and Trump”, and despite attempts by Democrats to tie Youngkin to Trump throughout the campaign, he clearly distanced himself from him during the campaign.