The entire Democratic Party – from the dwindling moderate ranks to the dominant far-left extremists – and from Congress to the White House – is pretty shaken up and even shocked as Republican Glenn Younkin defeated repulsive Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial election on Tuesday.

Trump is evil and so are his folks. Didn’t let poor Dems and Joe win!

So is Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, who came back in the middle of the night from Europe only to be greeted with the news of the defeat that he is probably more to blame for than anybody else.

Sleepy Joe, however, is seemingly unperturbed and wouldn’t have any of it.

Instead, he went out on Wednesday, speaking during a White House event after the CDC approved the application of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine on 5-11-year-old kids, and raised his senile voice to blame the supporters of President Donald Trump and “conservative folks” for McAuliffe’s loss.

Well, excuse your political opponents for supporting their own and not your own, Sleepy Joe!

This is just unbelievably stupid even for Joe Biden.

What did he expect – that the “Trump supporters” and the “conservative folks” would come out and vote for McAuliffe?

Or that they would sit it out for the sake of seeing the senile old man occupying the White House happy?

Man, those Trump folks are evil as hell.

In one of his many perplexing sentences, Biden said that he isn’t sure there had been anything he could have done in order to change “the number of very conservative folks” who came out and voted in Virginia’s red districts.

Empty Shelves Joe then went on to talk a lot more nonsense.

For instance, he shrewdly observed that “the issues” that Trump “supports” are actually “affecting” the lives of voters every day.

A lot more nonsense

He also noted that “people are upset and uncertain” with respect to a great many things – ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to things such as “schools”, “jobs”, and the cost of gas.


Are they, Sleepy, Empty Shelves Joe!?!


And do your total failures have anything to do with those issues?

The old man is just entirely, unbelievably out of it.

The latest bout of Biden nonsense came after on Tuesday when Sleepy Joe, while he was still in Glasgow, Scotland, for the UN climate conference COP 26, told reporters in a bunch of incoherent sentences that the Democrats were going to win in Virginia, that it was a tight race, but they might as well win, that people need to show up, the race is close, and they will win.

But it is tight.

Well, they did win it alright!

Wait, they didn’t.

Because Trump conservatives favor their own and not “not their own.”

Or maybe because the Democratic Party was relying on the critical race theory, repulsive guilty white establishment Democrat McAuliffe?

Or is it because they got a total totally senile dweeb from Delaware and somehow managed to install it in the White House?

Or is it all of the above?

Who can tell… Empty Shelves Joe cannot for sure.