One of the most disgusting but perhaps most logical ironies in the American political landscape of today is the fact that Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, a vicious wokeist anti-white racist Marxist, is an immigrant from Somalia, which is known as the ultimate failed state in international politics.

She seems to want another Somalia but in Minnesota

Ever since she won back in 2018 the House seat of another Muslim, Keith Ellison, to represent Minnesota’s fifth congressional district, Omar has been rabidly fuming about the defunding, abolition, and all-out destruction of police in Minneapolis, in Minnesota, and in the United States of America because in her view it is a vehicle of “racism”.

It is absolutely bizarre that a native of Somalia – a country which literally fell apart into the nothings of warlord rule after the collapse of a far-left Soviet Union-backed Marxist dictatorship – could be both a Marxist and an advocate for the abolition of police, both of those tremendous prerequisites for horrifying abuses of human rights and destruction of the lives of innocent human beings.

It might as well appear as though Omar wish to see the same thing that happened in her native Somalia unravel in the United States, starting with her “hometown” and “home state” – Minneapolis and Minnesota, respectively, and that might be the reason for her push for abolishing law enforcement.

That, and/or her apparent anti-white racism which has absolutely no place whatsoever in the greatest country in the world built by and upon the principles of no other but the Western Civilization.

Luckily, for the time being, the push by Omar and the likes to send Minneapolis down the spiral of chaos and lawlessness has failed miserably after on Tuesday, a total of 56%, a solid majority, of those who voted in the city referendum on abolishing the Minneapolis police department, have rejected the vicious wokeist idea.

Who needs mental health focus?

According to the proposal put on the ballot, which was spearheaded by a local wokeist organization allied with Omar with the ingenious name of “Yes 4 Minneapolis”, the police in the city was supposed to be replaced with a wokeist “department of public safety”.

That in turn would have instituted an idiotic “comprehensive public health approach” with respect to policing, including by emphasizing public health and mental health.

Surely, emphasizing mental health should have its place but with those who propose such moronic concepts.

Although that wouldn’t help because, deranged as their ideas sound, the likes of Somali-born Omar are sane.

The problem is that they are totally vicious and most likely want to see chaos, destruction, and blood all across America – with the 2020 anti-white race riots and looting in Democrat-run cities in the wake of the death of George Floyd being just a little preview.

Some right-wing commentators have raised the question as to why Ilhan Omar doesn’t go back to her native failed state of Somalia if she is so enamored with chaos, violence, abuses, the total lack of law enforcement, and so on – and all of that ensuing after Marxist-Communist rule.

That would never happen because the Marxists never do as they preach – they would always seek to destroy their “people” while saving their butt in the West, or in her case – in Washington.

And, second, because she seems to wish nothing but to Somalize the United States, starting with Minneapolis.

Luckily, the good people of that great American city have stopped her vicious push.