How ruthless social media can be was best felt (albeit deservedly) by journalists from the liberal mainstream media giants MSNBC and CNN!

The reason for the nationwide mockery on social media is a kind of mental breakdown the news hosts experienced after the results announcement of the gubernatorial elections in Virginia, and the one that completely shocked the leftist liberal media when Donald Trump won the election back in 2016.

According to their reactions, the triumph of the Republican candidate Youngkin was not expected by liberal journalists even in their wildest dreams, so their disappointment, shock, and disbelief were almost tangible.

Boohoo! You lost!

The journalistic objectivity of the hosts of these two tv channels, and more than 90% of the media, has long since become comical and debatable, but the disappointment they experienced when, after 99% of the votes were counted, and Youngkin led Republican McAuliffe by 2.1 points, was a sight to see!

Jake Tapper, a presenter on CNN, looked at the election map just to say in dramatic disbelief: “Oh my god”.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and her commentator Joy Reid disgustedly called Youngkin a soft white racist, and his victory the gateway to even harder racism.

Reid said Youngkin’s opposition to the Critical Race Theory showed his covert racism, characterizing Republicans as a threat to national security.

Political commentator and former Obama administration official, Van Jones, compared Youngkin’s victory with the coronavirus pandemic.

He likened Youngkin with Trump, comparing them to the Delta variant of Covid19, stating it’s the “same disease but this one spreads faster and penetrates into more places.”

In normal society, this would at least be an inappropriate comparison, considering that almost 750,000 people have died from the disease in the United States alone so far, but hey, we’re talking about far-left media here, and they get away with almost everything…

Van Jones later tried to justify his distasteful statement on Twitter by stating he “never intended to compare a human being to disease but playing the card of racial fears emerge dangerous aspects of Trumpism.”

These attempts of justification, as expected, failed.

Enjoy their tears!

Such reactions of disappointed liberal journalists became a light motif of internet jokes, memes, GIFs, and hilarious comments overnight.

Buck Sexton, a radio host, said MSNBC is going through 7 phases of mourning because of the results in Virginia, and Ann Coulter wrote on Twitter to her followers how “if they want to treat themselves, they should turn on MSNBC.”

Kyle Smith, a National Review critic, stated that every conservative she knows watches MSNBC, and Meghan McCain joked how MSNBC is on an emotional journey through Narnia.

For the past 18 months, Virginia has been rocked by a variety of issues, ranging from the spread of critical race theory, school closures by teachers’ unions and refusals to re-open them, the “boy in the skirt” rape scandal, and the school board’s role in it, to arrests of parents protecting their children from sexual harassment in schools.

Let’s enjoy ourselves in liberal tears once again!