A former police officer and a candidate for the Democratic party, Eric Adams, will assume the role of New York City mayor after winning over Curtis Sliwa, widely known as the founder of the Guardian Angels.

It didn’t come as a surprise, considering that NYC has a great number of Democratic voters.

Eric Adams will replace Bill de Blasio, who “served” as a Mayor for the past two terms, and who managed to completely destroy the once “biggest” city in the world, not just America, with his far-leftist ideology.

According to 61-year-old Adams, the focusing points will be to decrease crime rates and make New York City a bitcoin hub.

Who’s Eric Adams?

Eric Adams, who considers himself to be a “blue-collar”, was born in 1960 in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and rose from poverty to become a successful police captain and a President of the Brooklyn borough.

After being beaten by policemen when he was 15, Adams decided to join the New York City police department in an attempt to transform the force from inside.

He joined the police force in 1984 and rose through the ranks to captain before retiring in 2006 to run for state senate, which he won.

Adams was elected to the position of Brooklyn Borough President in 2013.

Given the spike in gun violence throughout the past few months and Adams’ experience in law enforcement, the victory doesn’t come as a huge surprise, considering that DeBlasio did a horrible job, and New Yorkers tried to find a new “hero” who wouldn’t sway away too much from Dems’ politics, but would still make them feel safe.

He was a huge favorite not only during the Democratic primaries but also against the Republican candidate, Curtis Silwa.

Taking the role as the second Afro-American after David Dinkins (1990-1993), Eric Adams promised to correct government inefficiency, historical inequalities, and economic hardships caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

Call for unity

During his victory speech, Eric Adams called the New York citizens to put aside their political ideas and party affiliations.

He stated that NYC is losing the beauty of its diversity and that it is one of the main problems in the city, not mentioning a thing about the growing issues that far-leftists are turning a blind eye to.

Furthermore, he suggested that historically high unemployment rates and crime rates could be solved with unity, something that would usually come from the mouth of an NGO-green-far-leftist activist, and definitely not an ex-police officer.

Among those who celebrated were cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as Eric Adams made it clear that he wants to incorporate state-of-art and internet-of-things in New York City.

His campaign focused on making NYC a bitcoin hub and a center for sophisticated cybersecurity systems.