Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), the far-left progressivist who may easily be characterized as one of the most repugnant figures in American politics ever, has been quick to blame the devastating loss of the Democratic Party in Virginia’s gubernatorial race on nobody else by the moderate Democrats.

In a typical Marxist-Communist fashion, AOC seemingly didn’t even have the thought cross her mind that it is her far-left kind that is making the Democratic Party totally repulsive for growing numbers of Americans – what with all the unbridled wokeism, transgenderism, and economic communism that they are propagating and imposing on the United States.

No, sir!

How could she care to even imagine something like that?

The Commie Marxists are always “on the right side” of history, on the winning and only right side of history.

Straight from 1917 Russia

Instead, speaking in a couple of social media “selfie” videos, AOC not only attacked the last remains of sanity, dignity and honesty among the Democrats, namely the moderate pockets, but she also touted what she claims were successes in this week’s elections across the nation, and even laid out a brief theory on how to achieve the victory of the “revolution”, completed in the style of Russian mass murderer revolutionary Vladimir Lenin.

Touting “grassroots”, “bottom-up”, “building the bench approaches”, and demanding “mass mobilization” as per her own “theory of change” – and with her favorite “masses” mobilizing “both electorally and non-electorally” – AOC might as well have been speaking at some street corner in Petrograd (St. Petersburg – Russia, not Florida, later Leningrad) to groups of unemployed WWI deserters back in 1917 – and we all know how that history movie ended.

In going after the moderate Democrats for Terry McAuliffe’s loss in Virginia to Republican Glenn Youngkin, AOC complained that “we” – i.e. “progressivists” – “weren’t even invited” to contribute to the campaigning in Virginia.

And it’s a good thing they weren’t – the Virginia Democrats apparently aren’t as stupid as one might assume – because if the likes of AOC and her moronic Commie “Squad” had been invited there, Youngkin wouldn’t have won the state by a 2-point lead but by a 10- or maybe even 20-point lead.

Of course, we cannot expect from AOC’s highly ignorant but no less hypocritical Marxist mind to understand any of that.

What really hurts: the big taxpayer money!

So what she did was lambast moderate Democrats in Virginia for supposedly failing to handle the GOP’s “race bating”.

However, AOC also exposed her real grievance with the moderates – and it is a gigantic one.

Namely, moderate Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema’s opposition to Biden’s giant spending “Build Back Better” plan, which had to be cut from $3.5 trillion down to $1.75 trillion, and even so hasn’t been approved yet, with Manchin voicing further opposition.

For any good Marxist-Communist, not abusing the state coffers is just unforgivable!

The Marxists treat taxpayer money as nothing short of their own money – and AOC had gigantic pork-barrel spending plans for the giant package!

That’s where it really hurts her!

AOC did acknowledge in her videos that losing Virginia was a “big bummer” but instead she did tout some “Democrat”, or rather “progressivist-far-left-Commie-Marxist” victories such as the election of some totally unknown Muslim woman to a city council.

She did claim that this is what matters – and then laid out her “Commie revolution” theory mentioned above.

Her videos are just another reason to ponder over how unbelievable it is that the vicious, anti-American, Soviet-communism-style likes of AOC are somehow ending up in American politics as members of the US Congress.