Among all the other crises that the administration of Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is inflicting constantly upon America, the one that we should never lose any sight of, and we shouldn’t forget about even for a split second, is the gigantic illegal immigration crisis.

Probably Biden’s most outrageous crisis

This crisis is nothing short of an existential threat to the United States of America as the Biden administration is deliberately tolerating and stimulating the flooding of the country with Third World illegals in order to procure loyal voter-subjects for its plans for far-left totalitarianism.

In actually perpetuating the illegal immigration crisis, the Biden administration hasn’t just erased the US-Mexican border from the map – it is actually seeking to do all of that in the most humiliating way possible for American patriots.

The conservative-leaning Wall Street Journal recently exposed one of the nastiest, most shocking schemes the administration of Sleepy Joe has been working on in order to achieve the latter.

Namely, it has been in negotiations with lawyers of illegal immigrants, and planning to pay $450,000 per head to those illegals’ families in which parents and children were separated at the border in the high-successful zero-compromise policy of the administration of President Donald Trump.

That way, under even the most conservative estimate, the federal government might have to pay some $5 billion in taxpayer money to the illegals who are violating American territory and American laws.

Needless to say, the revelation sparked total outrage among all American patriots, and just about any decent and honest human being in the United States.

Sleepy Joe Biden himself actually finally answered a journalistic question about it after he came back from his foreign trip to Europe by declaring that it is not true, and that the report in question is “garbage”.

Of course, the senile old man presently occupying the White House is well-known to have lied to the American public way too many times.

Co-sponsored by 138 House members

That is why on Thursday, the Republicans in the House have decided to carry out a “preemptive strike” to guarantee that the Biden administration won’t be able to put into action any such plan to pay billions of taxpayer dollars to the illegal Third World immigrants.

Later on Thursday, GOP members of the House are introducing a special aptly named the “Illegal Immigration Payoff Prohibition Act (IIPPA).

The draft legislation is being proposed by Rep. Tom McClintock, who is a ranking member of the Judiciary Committee of the House.

The new draft law will amend 28 USC 2414 – which authorizes the US attorney general to enter settlement agreements.

If the IIPPA bill is adopted, the AG will be banned from making any payments as settlements to illegal immigrants who have violated immigration laws.

In addition to McClintock, the bill is also sponsored by a total of 137 other GOP House members, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

In his statement on the IIPPA bill, McClintock ripped the Biden administration for seeking to flood illegals with US government money while Americans decimated by Biden’s economic policies have been struggling.

He emphasized that Republicans must act now in order to “stop this outrageous plan in its tracks” – regardless of Biden’s claims that there is no such plan, claims that are probably shameless lies.