Following last and this year’s trend of handing out stimulus checks to those impoverished by the Covid crisis and restrictions that came with it, the IRS did some research into this relatively new and obviously flawed system.

What they found would baffle many as the data shows that some 18 billionaires, including democrat-oriented George Soros, have received their very own stimulus checks due to certain loopholes in the US’s tax system allowing them to report minimum or even negative income!

Soros (net worth $8.6 Billion), a well-known self-proclaimed philanthropist and long-time supporter of the democratic party has since returned both checks he received, along with his son Robert.

Further research into the matter showed that 270 Americans, with at least 18 of them billionaires with a collective $5.7 Billion in income, have received stimulus checks, supposedly by deducing massive sums from their tax returns.

One such multibillionaire was Dick Fuld (net worth $250 million), founder of formerly successful financial aid company Lehman Brothers has received his „stimmy” in these troublesome times and refused to make a statement for the press.

One can only send their thoughts and prayers for these endangered people as the covid crisis brings them down to their last $100 million…

On that note, even though there were plenty of checks to go around, these kinds of flaws in a system should be unacceptable, especially with the looming threat of an economic crisis hanging above everyone’s heads.

$1200 to keep the lights on in a mansion covering 2 acres

Some other check receivers were Betsy DeVos’ brother, Erik Prince (net worth $2 Billion), and Ira Rennert (net worth $3.7 Billion), an industrialist and investor who looks old enough to have started the industrial revolution back in the 1760s.

In fact, Rennert is the owner of what is said to be the largest house in the US, totaling 62,000 square feet with a net value of $500 million.

Apparently not even a US citizenship is required to qualify for a check as Robert Dart, former CEO of Dart Container Corporation responsible for creating the worldwide phenomena of the red solo cup received his check on account of reporting an income of negative $39 million.

He and his brother renounced their US citizenship as a way to abuse a then-instated tax-break system for ex-patriates.

Thankfully, like Soros, Dart decided to return his check, with his spokesperson stating that he believes people in his position shouldn’t qualify for stimulus funds and that he has never requested any of the sorts.

Senator Ron Wyden from the democratic party of Oregon, chair of the Senate Finance Committee urged for a reform of the tax system that would prevent millionaires and billionaires alike to abuse the flawed system to increase their wealth, adding that they sometimes would not pay any taxes at all.