Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who describes himself as “not a liberal” and as a “conservative Democrat”, has really risen to the occasion in the past few months as he has almost single-handedly prevented President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, and the Marxist-Communist progressivists taking over his party from within from squandering gigantic sums of US taxpayer money.

Manchin keeps rising to the occasion

With an evenly divided Senate, Manchin has found himself in a position of tremendous power as every single Democrat vote there counts towards whether Biden’s party would be able to pass anything under the budget reconciliation procedure.

So Manchin’s vote has been crucial – but so have the votes of all other 49 Democrat Senators – except the rest have not had the moral integrity, guts, dignity, and decency to stand up for what is right.

That is, with the notable exception of Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema who has backed Manchin’s stance in most cases.

Thus, it is Manchin, plus Sinema for the most part, who has managed to stop the excessive pork barrel spending bill of “Build Back Better” with a price tag of $3.5 trillion.

Biden and the rest of the far-leftists have had to cut it in half – and even now Manchin is once again blocking it as he wants to make sure that everything in there actually makes at least some economic sense.

Needless to say, he has incurred the wrath of the greedy progressivist Communists such as AOC and the rest of her vicious Squad – not that he cares since he wasn’t put in the Senate by hypocritical young Marxists but by the good people of the state of West Virginia.

Speaking on Thursday on CNN, Manchin gave one of the most precise characterizations of the United States of America that’s ever been uttered by any American politician – and with this infuriated even further the radical left that’s gripped the Democratic Party.

Right in the face of a CNN anchor with a sad puppy look, Manchin declared America to be a “center-right country,” and not a left or a center-left country.

Being shown America is center-right

While he tried to placate his party by stating that he “still” believes in “President Biden” as a “good person” who is in the White House “for the right reason”, he did insist on national unity, and on the fact that in American politics “we can’t go too far left”.

The United States is “a center, if anything” and even “a little center-right country,” Manchin stated, adding that that is “being shown” and US politicians “ought to be able to” recognize it.

In a message that was probably lost to the progressivists’ fuming ears, he then claimed to be a West Virginia Democrat who is both “socially compassionate” and “fiscally responsible.”

Manchin also insisted that he has had empathy even for the people who stand far-left and far-right, but emphasized that his constituents in West Virginia feel “scared to death” because of the spiking prices of food, gasoline, and utilities, among other things.

In a prior appearance, on Fox News, Manchin declared that the Democratic loss of the gubernatorial election in Virginia should be a “wake-up call” reminding everybody that America has become a deeply divided country.