In a somewhat stunning demonstration that American democracy is alive and well, and that anybody with enough integrity, hard work and healthy ambition could still theoretically achieve an important elected office in this nation even in the face of entrenched establishment politics, a simple truck driver has won the seat of the President of the New Jersey State Senate.

A regular David defeating a political Goliath

The little though no-small miracle in question in New Jersey’s elections on Tuesday has been achieved by Edward Durr, a local commercial truck driver with no political experience whatsoever.

After the votes were tallied, on Thursday, it became clear that Durr, who ran as a Republican, has defeated no other than Steve Sweeney, the President of the New Jersey State Senate of 10 years.

Besides his formal powers, the latter is known informally as one of the most powerful Democrat establishment politicians in the state.

In his campaign videos, Durr has lambasted Sweeney for achieving nothing positive for the people of New Jersey during his 20 years in Trenton, the state capital.

He particularly blasted the establishment Democrat for increasing taxes and mishandling the COVID-19 pandemic in a terrible fashion.

The commercial truck driver of 25 years, who is a father of three, has revealed that he ran his primary political campaign on a $153 budget, while spending a little more than $5,000 on the general election.

Durr ended up winning the Third electoral district of New Jersey with 51.8% of the votes vs. 48.2% for Sweeney.

In absolute terms, the truck driver got 32,742 votes compared with 30,444 for the hefty establishment Democrat apparatchik.

Durr’s victory is even more significant when one considers the fact that Sweeney is the longest service legislative leader in the history of the state of New Jersey.

The anti-establishment candidate, and now a new member of the New Jersey State Senate, has emphasized his blue-collar worker credentials.

Very close gubernatorial election

In his campaign, Durr naturally advocated for the Republican candidate for Governor of New Jersey, Jack Ciattarelli.

With a really tight race, Ciattarelli ended up losing the Democrat incumbent Governor Phil Murphy, albeit by a very tiny margin.

Murphy managed to cling to his job with 50.4% of the votes, with a lead of only about 40,000 votes over his Republican opponent out of nearly 2.5 million votes cast.

Durr’s electoral victory, a story of an underdog David defeating a political Goliath, albeit on a state senate level, and albeit in an isolated case, is a reminder that America’s democracy is viable enough and cannot be discarded as fully dominated by big money, big lobbyism, and big far-left propaganda.

When the heart is in the right place, and the message is right, electoral miracles appear to be completely possible.