Chants of “F**k Joe Biden” have taken over public events and gathers across America, and justifiably so considering the horrendous crisis upon crisis that Empty Shelves Joe and his far-left gang of an administration are piling on the American people.

However, the euphemistic version of the “F**k Joe Biden” chant – “Let’s go Brandon” – has gone much further, sweeping popular culture and social media as the tip of the tsunami that will eventually wipe out from power the Biden administration and the Democrats for quite some time to come.

It’s the Brandon administration

The more Biden and his aides keep failing miserably in running this country, and the more they make fools out of themselves, but also, unfortunately, of Americans, the louder the “Let’s Go Brandon” cries are becoming, both literally and figuratively.

So much so that the Biden administration is rapidly emerging as nothing but a grotesque of an actual American government.

And it is one of the rising stars of the Republican Party, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has found the perfect expression to describe all of that ludicrous disgrace unfolding before our eyes: the Brandon administration!

DeSantis has really hit the nail on the head here: if Biden can be “Brandon” in the euphemistic alternative of the “F**k Joe” chant, then the Biden administration is certainly the Brandon administration.

The Florida governor came up with the shrewd quip while delivering public remarks on Wednesday, as cited by The Daily Wire.

The crowd listening to him was also chanting “Let’s go Brandon” even before he lambasted the “Brandon administration”, but literally exploded with more chants, laughter, and applause after the newly formulated nickname of the abomination that’s occupying the White House and the Cabinet seats.

DeSantis was blasting the spiking levels of disgusting wokeism in the administration as well as in some big corporations, when he referred to the Brandon administration.

Exposing dishonesty of corporate media

With the omnipresent chants in the background, the Florida governor reminded everybody of how the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase even got started – thanks to the censorship attempts of the leftist Commie propaganda machines that are the mainstream media.

In this particular case, it was a sports reporter from NBC News, Kelli Stavast, who was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, when she heard “F**k Joe Biden”, and declared that to be “Let’s Go Brandon”.

DeSantis emphasized that “it was obvious” what the audience at the NASCAR race in Alabama was chanting.

He ripped the reporter for trying to cover for Joe Biden, and declared that she committed “a lie” – “it was a lie”.

DeSantis then emphasized the fact that the “Let’s go Brandon” chant has taken a life of its own due to the fact that it “exposes the dishonesty of the corporate reporters” and the everyday efforts “to try to lie.”

That’s where they are easily willing to go in defense of the Brandon administration.