As the Democrat Mayor of New York City and even as a human being, Bill de Blasio has been horrendous, ridden with pretense, fake self-righteousness, goody-goody white liberal guilt, and hypocrisy.

Luckily, he is soon going to be out of the NYC city hall but it’s uncertain how much of a consolation this could be considered since under his two-term, eight-year “leadership”, large swaths of America’s largest city have become barely livable, descending into security, law enforcement, and sanitation problems.

On his way out

On his way out, De Blasio just decided to do more damage with his COVID-19 vaccine mandates that have left the New York Firefighting Department, the police, and the department of sanitation highly understaffed, among their other problems.

And, yet, he has discovered a way to go as an even lowlier figure than everybody has known him to be.

The outgoing mayor of New York City is now bribing children as young as 5 by giving them $100 debit cards and telling them this can buy them a lot of candy – just as long as they provide their young bodies for the giant vaccination experiment that has become now across America with the FDA and CDC emergency use approval of Pfizer’s vaccine for 5-12-year-olds.

In his remarks on Thursday, De Blasio announced the city is starting the vaccination of the youngest eligible New Yorkers at city-run sites immediately, and in their schools as of Monday.

The Democrat mayor’s administration has been quick to procure 300,000 doses of the 5-12-year-olds’ Pfizer vaccine immediately after its emergency use approval – never mind the raging debates and stark controversies over whether children this young should even be vaccinated – considering both the health risk of the vaccine and the fact that they remain the least vulnerable group to the COVID-19 infection.

Since the start of the pandemic more than 1.5 years ago, the US has suffered a total of 680 COVID-related deaths of children under 18 years of age, which represent fewer than one-thousandth (0.1%) of all coronavirus fatalities in the country.

Child bribery

During Thursday’s press conference, De Blasio stated that kids subjecting themselves to the vaccination will also be receiving the $100 vaccine bonuses that the city has been handing out in pre-paid debit cards to vaccinating adults since June.

The Democrat mayor disgustingly sought to present this bribery of little children but emphasized that everybody could make use of the extra cash around the holidays, and that $100 would get the kids “a whole lot of candy.”

What a lowly, nasty, morally decrepit take on the vaccination for young children which hasn’t even been proven to be either necessary or safe!

According to a report by The Daily Mail, NYC children and their parents are already buying into De Blasio’s bribery, with lines of 5-12 kids at city-run vax sites such as the one at Essex Crossing 244 Broome Street.

Some of the parents interviewed by the newspaper’s reporters did in fact say that the $100 cash incentive from De Blasio will indeed be their child’s “candy money” for the holidays.

So, evidently, there is nothing too lowly for a left-wing Marxist Democrat – not even tricking young kids with lots of candy – who is dying to serve the agenda of cracking down on Americans’ rights and freedoms in order to boost the creeping totalitarianism of the radical left.