The administration of Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden has reached stupendous new highs of patheticness after a second-rate White House apparatchik effectively contradicted the presumed president and canceled what he had said.

Turns out, it isn’t ‘garbage’

Earlier this week, Sleepy Joe himself rejected before journalists at the White House that the media reports administration is planning to pay gigantic sums of money to illegal immigrants whose families got separated at the US-Mexican border as per the patriotic policy of the Trump administration.

Evidently, the plans first leaked by The Wall Street Journal, provided for paying $450,000 in cash per person, meaning that the federal government run by Biden’s Democrats may want to pay some $5 billion in taxpayer money to people who violated the US border and threatened America’s national security.

In an exchange with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy earlier this week, Biden himself called the reporters in question “garbage” and “not true.”

Until on Thursday, Karine Jean-Pierre, whom nobody elected, supposedly, to any office, took precedence over the supposed “president”, and declared that, in fact, she is “perfectly comfortable” with whatever sums in cash the Brandon administration decides to pay to the “mistreated” illegal immigrant families.

“President” Jean-Pierre just had the “decency” to make it clear that the payments to the illegals just wouldn’t be “as high as $450,000 per head” – maybe $449,000?

Jean-Pierre, the backup press secretary, was filling in for Jen Psaki who is down with COVID-19, and the two apparently are having a little competition to see who can be more repugnant, impudent, and obnoxious.

Karine demonstrated that she is no less qualified to talk nonsense than Jen by declaring that Sleepy Joe is just fine with whatever “settlement” the Justice Department strikes with the illegals - because it is going to “save taxpayer dollars” – how?! – and will put the “dangerous”, i.e. patriotic history of the Trump administration “behind us”.

Of course, the lovely Karine didn’t care to elaborate, why, in the first place, there have to be settlements and payments to offenders breaking America’s laws, threatening its security, and violating its border.

But with the wokest Marxists, the gang running the “Let’s Go Brandon” administration, that’s just understood.

Jean-Pierre was just nice enough to clarify that Biden’s Justice Department would have more to say about the amount of the “settlements” because it is handling the negotiations with the lawyers of the poor, distressed illegal immigrants, violators of America’s border.

Even ACLU is running the country since Sleepy Joe isn’t

That Sleepy Joe isn’t of control of anything in his own Brandon administration has become crystal clear also by a statement by the American Civil Liberties Union, a wokeist organization aiding the administration in its efforts to flood America with Third World illegals.

Anthony Romero, the head of the ACLU, appeared better informed than Sleepy Joe on what the Brandon administration is doing by declaring that the supposed “president” probably hadn’t been “fully briefed” about the cash that has to be given to the illegals.

So the people who take precedence over Biden in running the US government and using it to funnel Third World people into America, and to funnel taxpayer cash to them are Karine Jean-Pierre, Anthony Romero, and likely anybody else inside and outside the Brandon administration, including the janitors in the White House and in the ACLU offices.

Of course, the most mind-blowing thing of all here is how the Marxist wokeists inside and outside the administration think they are going to get away with piling US taxpayer cash on the illegals.