With vile far-left radicals increasingly gain the upper hand inside the Democratic Party, those remaining senior Democrats with at least some basic human decency, moral integrity, and common sense have quickly become the odd ones out.

Perhaps the most prominent among those few is moderate Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia – the man who almost single-handedly recently saved the American taxpayers nearly $2 trillion in taxpayer dollars which would have been squandered on pork-barrel spending by the progressivists and the other nasty types making up the Democratic Party in Congress.

Holding a key vote in the 50:50 divided Senate, Manchin has already managed to get Sleepy Joe’s sick communist “Build Back Better” spending plan down to $1.75 trillion, from the original mind-blowing $3.5 trillion.

With countless lazy lefties hoping to benefit from that gigantic pork-barrel spending by the Democrats, Manchin, who repeatedly criticized the proposal as unjustified gigantic government spending, has quickly become one of the most hated men in the United States of America.

Eco thugs target dissenting senator: welcome to Biden’s America

This showed particularly shockingly on Thursday, as “environmentalist” far-left thugs viciously terrorized the West Virginia Senator in Washington, DC – first, by stalking him from his houseboat, and then by blocking him in his car, while screaming idiotic radical leftist chants to his face.

The so-called climate protesters – who are nothing but eco thugs from the stormtrooper squads of the radical left, swarmed Manchin’s car, chanting, “We want to live” – as though they would die of starvation unless there is no pork-barrel spending coming their way from the Democrats.

Of course, for some of those terrorists that might literally be the cast.

The thugs were apparently agitated because Biden’s “Build Back Better” package is just as “socially” as it is “environmentally” oriented – meaning that it uses various justifications to apportion a huge amount of taxpayer money.

Social media videos showed the far-left eco-hecklers surrounding Manchin’s Maserati SUV in a garage, with the senator honking his horn to try to get out of there.

Some of the nasty far-left protesters in the videos could be heard yelling that the senator is trying to run them over.

The honking is the only interaction that Manchin and his security guards engaged in with respect to the climate storm trooper protesters.

Eventually, his guards managed to clear a path so that the courageous West Virginia Senator can drive out of the garage.

Normalizing political violence, courtesy of Biden administration

Manchin hasn’t commented publicly on the incident but social media did with outrage over the actions of the far-left protester terrorists, whose violent and aggressive behavior akin to that of BLM and Antifa is something that the far left is seeking to normalize in order to terrorize American citizens at will.

Manchin, though, is no regular American – he is probably the most dangerous person to the agenda of the far-left radicals as he is a member of their own Democratic Party who is exposing their absurdities and excesses.

So he better brace for more far-left terrorism, and one just knows the Biden administration won’t do anything to help as the terrorists are its own, and he is its top public enemy.