Only last week, a report from the Department of Justice, Homeland security, and human services has shown that compensation payments, which Biden has so vehemently defended, could total at $1 million per 3-person immigrant family.

If that number wasn’t high enough for you, the civil liberties union has recorded around 5,500 children who were separated from their parents, ramping up the potential costs to over a billion dollars.

The policy was put in place with the proper sentiment and served its purpose, with data showing significant drops in numbers of illegal immigrants during the Trump era.

Biden criticized the policy from the start of his presidency despite it lasting for only 2 months during the summer of 2018, vowing to pay for the damages caused.

When pressed on the matter by Fox News reporter David Spunt, Biden became defensive and loud, arguing that the report of $450,000 being allocated to each family, is garbage, becoming increasingly upset when he began talking about the children of the immigrants who were detained.

Slightly ironic given how long it took Joe to visit the border himself and see the situation it is in, especially since during his presidency, immigration numbers have reached record highs in wake of his promises to remove the previous administration’s policies.

Republicans - Biden’s payoff plan is equivalent to paying someone for breaking into your house

Many Republicans have criticized Biden’s plan to throw taxpayer dollars into illegal immigrants’ pockets, with some raising concern for the nation’s economy as the looming threat of inflation grows with each passing day.

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, an avid Trump administration supporter, stated that these payments are nothing but a slap in the face of America’s law-abiding, hardworking individuals who were already struggling to make ends meet lately.

He continued, adding that gas and grocery bills are increasing and somehow Biden’s next step is to reward an illegal alien with half a million dollars.

While Biden did try to assure the crowd that $450,000 per person is preposterous, it only made him look bad in the eyes of his followers as well, as the ACLU stated that the president possibly wasn’t fully briefed on the seriousness of the incident, adding that he Justice department considered these „crimes” against migrants a governmental policy.

The president can’t seem to catch a break, and rightfully so, given all his hypocritical statements and decisions, causing him to even lose the trust of those blind enough to have followed him this far down the chaotic spiral of his presidency.

Currently, the Republican representatives are working on a plan to stop the payments, with the representative of California Tom McClintock introducing the illegal immigration payoff prohibition act that will receive the support of 137 of his GOP colleagues, including minority leader Kevin McCarthy of California and Jim Jordan of Ohio.

Should this bill pass, Biden’s administration would be fully blocked from offering any kind of payments to individuals involved with illegal immigration.