In a relatively important win for Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden on Friday night, the House of Representatives passed the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, after earlier once again putting off the final vote on the $1.75 trillion Communist social spending bill “Build Back Better.”

Friday’s planned vote on the latter package – deemed more important by the White House and the radical parts of the Congress Democrats due to the vast amount of pork-barrel spending likely to come out of it – was derailed after some moderate House Democrats demanded an assessment of the bill by the Congressional Budget Office.

The more radicalized leftists among the Democrats then threatened to kill the infrastructure bill as they insisted the two must be voted on together.

Passed solely thanks to some GOP support over real infrastructure worries

Eventually, the Democrats reached a compromise in which the moderates agreed on a vote on “Build Back Better” by November 15 in exchange for wider support for the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Nevertheless, however, the $1.2 trillion bill was passed only thanks to bipartisan support by a total of 13 House Republicans – for a final tally of 228 votes in favor and 206 votes against.

Without their votes, the Biden-favored legislation would have failed as the six most vile far-left Marxist Democrat radicals, the scandalous anti-American “Squad” led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, did make good on their threats to try to block the infrastructure bill unless the Commie spending bill isn’t voted on at the same time.

The six voted against the infrastructure package – without some GOP support – they would have killed it considering that 218 votes were needed to guarantee its passage, while the total number of Democrat seats in the House is 221.

A total of 200 Republicans opposed the measure, plus the 6 Squad far-left radicals.

Earlier this year, in August, the $1.2 infrastructure bill was passed by the Senate with the support of a total of 13 GOP Senators, after months of negotiations with the Biden administration, which reduced its price tag down from the $2 trillion original, and actually made sure that the newly added spending for the reduced bill is actually south of $600 billion.

So Friday’s House vote did solidify the at least partly bipartisan nature of the infrastructure bill – despite opposition from the majority of the GOP lawmakers.

Those Republicans in favor in both chambers of Congress have underscored the urgent need to overhaul much of America’s transport infrastructure, which hasn’t been updated in decades.

Sleepy Joe and Kamala the Veep ‘worked the phones’

In a statement put out by the White House, in the words of his aides, Democrat President Empty Shelves Joe declared the passage of the infrastructure bill to be a “monumental step”, and the law itself to be “a once-in-generation bipartisan” effort which is going to take America on the path towards winning “the economic competition” in the 21st-century world.

In the same statement, of course, Sleepy Joe touted the expected pork-barrel benefits of the Communist “Build Back Better” plan, as an investment in “our people”, evidently, a code for “hey, there’s lots of taxpayer money that we Dems will get to squander in our own favor.”

Because of the tense situation in the House, on Friday, poor old senile Joe had to delay a trip to his beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware, which is getting a $500,000 fence on taxpayers’ expense, so he could stay in Washington and “work the phones”, The Daily Mail reported, adding that, according to the White House, his equally good-for-nothing veep Kamala Harris also “joined the effort.”

Unlike the infrastructure bill, which has had some crucial GOP backing, the Build Back Better bill is facing uncertainty – especially in the Senate where moderate Democrat Joe Manchin’s stance may actually delay a vote on it by weeks, or may even force some additional changes.