The disgraced former Democrat Governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, was supposed to be out of the American public’s hair already.

After all, in August, he was forced to resign over the allegations by 11 different women that he harassed them sexually in the period since 2013.

Cuomo’s daughter weighs in

The revelations were all the more shocking because they were disclosed by a report commissioned by the office of Letitia James, Cuomo’s own attorney general of the state of New York, and a fellow Democrat.

In essence, one of the most powerful Democrat politicians of the present day, repugnant as he was, was destroyed by friendly fire from his own.

There have been rumors and reports circulating that, with Andrew out of the picture, James might seek to become the next governor of New York State.

In any case, though, because of that, and because of misdemeanor charges filed against him by one of his sexual harassment accusers, Cuomo’s name will likely constantly hang around the news headlines for quite a long time.

In the latest development, 24-year-old Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo, who is the former governor’s youngest daughter has come to his defense by putting forth claims that NY AG Letitia James set him up in order to pave the way for herself to become the next governor of New York State.

Such perfidious intra-Democrat infighting would be no surprise considering the overwhelming lack of basic morals and decency.

Kennedy-Cuomo shared an article – posted by journalist Michael Tracey on Substack – which claims that the Cuomo debacle was engineered by the more radical leftist Democrats, with state Attorney General playing a key role in that.

It’s not implausible

The article calls the Cuomo’s ousting a “manufactured PR offensive” in the vile style of the “#MeToo movement.”

In her tweet sharing the article in question, Cuomo’s youngest daughter declared, “Finally, please read.”

The article states that Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t have been “defeated” at the ballot box, and that gubernatorial hopeful, AG Letitia James, carried out “seedy machinations” in order to destroy him with an electoral battle.

Tracey concludes that because of Cuomo’s popularity and effectiveness when it comes to exerting control as governor, his “progressivist antagonists” within the Democratic Party “would have been stuck with him” for a very long time if he cared to remain in office.

That is why they used the most powerful and “reliable” tool for “resolving” intra-Democrat disputes in their own favor, namely, made-up scandals from the #MeToo movement.

This new and quite plausible take on the Cuomo scandal comes several days after Cuomo’s charging with forcible touching over claims by former aide Brittany Commisso.

Commisso alleges that Cuomo groped one of her breasts in December 2020 in the governor’s executive mansion in Albany.