Following president Joe Biden’s latest vaccine mandate, announced by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration last Thursday, five republican states issued a petition to the US 5th District court of appeals to block the mandate.

The court ruled the mandate as unconstitutional and riddled with statutory issues and halted any further proceeding, with judges Edith Jones, Kurt Engelhardt, and Stuart Kyle Duncan giving the Biden administration until 5:00 PM November 8th to respond.

Without a response from the White House, the petitioners will be allowed to apply for a permanent halting of the mandate for which data shows that it could affect nearly 84 million workers at private companies and federal contractors.

TX attorney general Ken Paxton celebrated his victory over the oppressive administration and assured the public that he will not stop resisting any sort of governmental overstep.

Other states followed in the footsteps of the original 5 petitioners, now with Missouri, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Ohio, and Tennessee joining the rebellion against the vaccine.

Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida and ally of the former Trump presidency, stated that his state will be joining the ranks along with Georgia, Alabama, and numerous private plaintiffs, urging the people to stand up against the oppressor and preserve America’s most important resource – freedom.

Biden administration refuses to comment on the issue at hand

The White House refused to comment on the situation despite stating earlier this week, that they will return any curveball the republicans throw at them regarding the new vaccine mandate.

Focusing on workplace „safety”, Karine Jean-Pierre, Deputy Press Secretary for the White House, claimed that the republicans are getting in the way of saving lives, despite recent data showing a rapid drop in infection rates across the entire US.

The biggest issue with this mandate is the impact it could leave on the economy, as the country is already experiencing massive worker and supply chain shortages that will continue to become worse as the holiday season rolls around the corner.

The new mandate would also require those who refuse to get the jab to undertake weekly testing, and with the state the economy is in right now, the testing would most likely be paid out of the worker’s pockets.

Donna McDaniel, RNC chairwoman stated that the mandate would be a direct attack on working citizens and that it would be a huge scale violation of human rights.

To top it off, she added that a mandate of „great urgency” would not have taken so many months to form and would not have such a loose deadline, set only after the holidays.

With OSHA announcing random inspections of private businesses, red states must fight back to prevent forcing working Americans to choose between a vaccine and keeping the lights on.