Information has surfaced that over the course of the past 4 months, US border officials have sent over 70 planes filled with illegal immigrants from south of the Mexican border, all the way to Florida, with the Biden administration refusing to disclose any data on the transports.

The flights are said to be a solution to the overcrowding at the border, but any sane person would see a cardinal issue with this entire situation, that being the fact that the very people the border is supposed to detain are being given a taste of American freedom on a silver platter, all for trying to cross over illegally.

Larry Keefe, Ron DeSantis’ chief of public safety stated that each plane contained an average of 36 passengers, with the preposterous flights happening in front of everyone’s noses throughout the summer of 2021.

Florida’s safety officials are currently forced to run an investigation against their own government as these flights were tipped off by local police officers who decided to stay unnamed.

Keefe added that a lot of the information is shrouded in mystery, with the sponsor and whoever is facilitating the travel being a complete enigma.

He assured that an investigation will show exactly why Jacksonville was chosen as the destination for these covert flights, joking that they will have to „spy on the government” to see exactly what they are planning at these airport facilities.

Illegal aliens are being distributed around the country via governmental programs

Florida may not be the only state under fire, with a plane filled with young illegals arriving in New York only last month, with the White House leaving a statement that only children and teens were on the plane.

The US Department of Health and Human Services claimed that the flight’s purpose was to transport unaccompanied children to a place where they can receive care until they are unified with their families, and if Biden’s administration has a say in it, win their family half a million dollars while they’re at it.

Floridians definitely should be concerned with these flights as only last month, a 24-year old immigrant from Honduras, posing as a 17-year-old boy with a fake name murdered the kind soul who offered him a job and a roof over his head last month.

The victim’s daughter who chose to remain unnamed has since claimed that the murderer came on one of the secret flights from the border.