As Bill de Blasio, the pathetic outgoing mayor of New York City is ending his second and last term, President Donald Trump gave probably the most accurate assessment by describing him as likely the worst mayor ever in the history of the United States.

Trump is a native New Yorker who lived there until 2019 when, in the midst of his first presidential term, he symbolically moved his residency to Palm Beach, Florida.

Speaking in a Fox News interview segment aired on Saturday, the Republican leader blasted De Blasio as likely “the worst mayor in the history” of the United States of America.

Trump added that this is “saying something” considering the fact that there are a number of major cities across the country having truly abysmal mayors at the present moment, a likely reference to Democrat-run cities.

However, the 45th President of the United States was categorical that De Blasio is the mayor that America has ever seen.

Trump emphasized that what De Blasio has done to New York City “is unthinkable” and that he has literally “destroyed” it.

He noted that even when he formally ended his NYC residence back in 2019 there was a visible spike in crime, “people on the streets” and “dirt”.

Trump added that he knows a lot of New Yorkers who have left the city and moved to places such as Florida, or Texas, or Tennessee, or North Carolina, or South Carolina.

He further described De Blasio as simply a “horrible representative” for the city of New York and for the nation.

When asked about the newly elected Democrat mayor of New York, Eric Adams, Trump simply said he hopes that Adams will “do good.”

In his interview, POTUS 45 also made it clear that he is considering moving back to New York City considering that De Blasio is no longer mayor, and Andrew Cuomo is no longer governor of the state of New York.

He added that he had made the move to Florida because of the way politicians in New York treated him.

Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign as governor earlier this year in disgrace after a report by the office of his own Democrat state attorney general revealed that he harassed sexually a total of 11 different women since 2013.

Trump described what happened to Cuomo as a “shocking event” as he considered the Democrat a “strong governor”.

He did offer an immediate clarification that by “strong” he means not that Cuomo was great for the state but that he “had pretty good control” over it.

The 45th President of the United States didn’t say if he has made for certain the decision to return officially to New York City but made it understood that it is a possible move with De Blasio and Cuomo out of the political picture.