The fact that a man such as Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden ever ended up occupying the White House will forever remain one of the most shameful pages in the history of the United States – this much is crystal clear after having him there for less than 10 months.

And regardless of whether there was voter fraud in the 2020 election, or, rather, regardless of its scope, it is safe to assume that there was no way on earth that President Donald Trump would have been unseated, had it not been for the COVID-19 pandemic sent America’s way by Communist China.

The shock of the pandemic was too tremendous, it was unprecedented, and despite Trump’s best efforts which contributed tremendously to the development of the vaccines and the start of their rollout and distribution, many panic-stricken Americans may have thought a White House change might have been for the better.

We now know with 1000% certainty that such a line of thinking was incredibly wrong.

In any case, the fact that America is being battered by horrendous crises on all fronts – from the economy to national security, to public health, to illegal immigration – is helping many come to their senses, and now a new poll has discovered that not only are Americans increasingly missing Trump but also that he is going to crush Sleepy Joe Biden in a potential 2024 match-up.

Joe’s ‘popularity’ is going down the gutter

The poll in question was carried out by Emerson College last week, on Wednesday and Thursday, among a total of 1,000 registered voters across the US, and has a 3-percentage point margin of error.

A total of 45% of the respondents declared that they would vote for Donald Trump if the presidential election is tomorrow, while 43% said they would vote for Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden.

The survey also discovered that Biden’s approval rating stands at 41% of the voters, which is a decline of five percentage points since Emerson College’s last poll conducted back in September.

Sleepy Joe’s popularity has suffered the most among African-Americans, whose support an impudent Joe takes for granted with his famous racist comment that whoever one of them doesn’t vote for him “ain’t black.”

Thus, while in February, fresh in the White House, Biden had a 72% approval rating among black voters, in early November, the number is only 52%, a decline by a whopping 20 percentage points.

Even worse for Democrats on Congress

The Emerson College poll found that 11% of the voters would prefer a different person from Trump or Biden – leading the institution’s polling director, Spencer Kimball, to remark that there might a potential for a third-party candidate in 2024 who might be able to reach the required support of 15% in order to “get on the debate stage” – although such a prospect seems highly dubious at best.

What’s more important is that the survey in question has found that Biden’s Democratic Party faces really dire prospects with respect to the 2022 midterm elections a year from now.

A total of 49% of the respondents told the pollster they would vote for Republican congressional candidates vs. 42% who would support Democrats; 9% were found to be undecided.

The new poll has documented the voter sentiment situation as it stands today.

However, the electoral nightmare for Sleepy Joe and the vile Democrats will likely be a much worse one considering the rate of creating crisis after crisis at which the “Brandon administration” and the Democrat-dominated Congress is going.