Consider horrendous failures on all fronts, for the most part, Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden – more recently, better known as Empty Shelves Joe – could pass for a miserable, disoriented, senile disoriented old man, a mere figurehead whose administration is being run by vicious anti-Americans.

However, that would be an ugly, perfidious delusion: demented or not, Empty Shelves Joe appears to be no less vicious than his aides, and probably even more so.

This much is clear as, instead of getting humbled by his total catastrophes across the board – from foreign policy and the pandemic to immigration and the economy – Biden is becoming increasingly impudent, self-conceited, and cheeky.

And, evidently, he’s graduated from a master class in finding other people and factors to blame for his constant blunders and the horrifying disasters that he is causing to America.

‘I am Joe Biden!’

On Saturday, Nasty Joe appeared to have found a new scapegoat for the misery that he’s caused to the American people: their intelligence whose alleged “deficiency”, in his words, can be used in order to justify the horrendous supply chain crisis.

That is the same supply chain crisis caused precisely by Biden and his aides with their various COVID-19 mandates and economic relief measures, which have either hindered countless Americans from doing their jobs, or have taught many others that they might be better off surviving on benefits and handouts.

Of course, Biden and the Dems would go for those arrangements because that is the Communist way, and the only one they know.

Enter Empty Shelves Joe’s insulting of the intelligence of the American people.

As he was discussing the supply chain crisis during Saturday’s press conference, in which he touted the adoption of the bipartisan $1.2 trillion bill, he declared that Americans don’t understand the complexity of the topic.

Sleepy Joe was responding to a question about comments by Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger of Virginia that he wasn’t elected to be FDR but to “stop the chaos.”

That is, of course, an (oxy)moronic thought: how can Biden, the creator of chaos, actually stop any chaos?

In any case, Empty Shelves Joe seized upon that to utter cliché, insipid sentences on how Joe Biden can only be “Joe Biden”, and that’s who he is.

Then he went on one of the most meaningless but also the most insulting tirades since he occupied the White House, repeating time and again that people are “worried”, and that it is a confusing time.

Turning it around on Americans

Biden then went on to blabber utter nonsense as to how if you ask ordinary Americans what the supply chain is and how it works, they wouldn’t be able to answer.

In his words, it’s confusing to people whether they have a PhD or are working in a restaurant.

What a grand justification for his miserable failures – and a highly offensive one at that!

First of all, it is fairly certain that lots and lots of American people do understand the supply chain and the supply chain crisis.

They also do understand that it was caused by the horrendously incompetent Biden administration, whose job from day 1 might as well have been to destroy America’s economy, rights, freedoms, and democracy.

“This is a confusing time,” Empty Shelves Joe concluded, trying to cover up his incompetence.

Luckily, the American people are much smarter than Biden says, and they are much smarter than him, and clearly aware that he is behind the stupefying supply chain crisis.