According to a poll conducted by Suffolk University / USA Today, Democrats certainly have cause for concern a year before the midterm.

The results of the poll show Biden has the lowest support so far, Vice President Harris has an even worse rating among the voters, and the future doesn’t seem bright for other Democrats members either.

The poll shows catastrophic results for sleepy Joe, given 64% of respondents do not want Biden to run again, 46% of respondents think that he did a much worse job than expected (we would add - as promised), and the approval rating fell to 37.8% with a 59% disapproval - therefore, more than 21 points underwater!

The number of those who do not support Biden, not even a year from the beginning of his term, has reached the figures that former President Trump had after the attack on the Capitol in January by raging supporters, a few days before he left the presidency.

Kamala hits rock bottom!

As for Vice President Harris, survey data show the approval rating percentage is 27.8%, and as many as 51.2% disapprove of her performance, making a total of more than 23 underwater percentage points.

According to USA Today / Suffolk University poll, Harris has only 27.8% approval rate while 51.2% of Americans disapprove of her performance in the office.

That’s more than 23 percentage points underwater.

Statistics do not show an optimistic development for congressional Democrats either, showing if this trend of declining popularity continues, they could struggle to preserve their shaky majority by November 8, 2022 elections.

According to a poll, Republicans have a 46% to 38% advantage on a generic congressional ballot.

After the Republican triumph in Virginia led to Democrats losing governor’s position in that state after more than a decade and a close victory in New Jersey, part of the public expected Democrats to tighten the brakes on adopting Biden’s ambitious Build Back Better plan.

However, the House Democrats, with Biden’s insistence, managed, after months of negotiations and disagreement, to put their differences aside and adopted a bipartisan infrastructure bill supported by 61% of Americans.

Responding to questions about the disastrous results of the Virginia and New Jersey elections, Biden said the voter’s message to the government is clear - it is time to do something.

He said the voters are telling them to stop talking and start doing something.

It remains to be seen whether the poor poll results have shaken Democrats enough to pass a reconciliation bill next week, which has the support of 47% to 44% of Americans and regarding which only one in four Americans says would benefit from.