Sleepy Joe Biden’s equally good-for-nothing veep, Kamala Harris, has done such a great job on tackling America’s illegal immigration border crisis that she is now heading to Europe for… whatever reason.

It might help the Europeans tackle their illegal immigration border crisis since they’ve also done such a great job by letting the entire Muslim Middle East resettle into their continent.

All gruesome joking aside, since March, Kamala has been Joe’s point person in addressing the border crisis, and she has done nothing to address it.

And why would she: it wouldn’t be a crisis in the first place had it not been for the “Brandon” administration.

Kamala is simply the best person to send to Europe over illegal immigration

The liberal-leftist wokeists in charge of the government and life of Joe Biden are seemingly deliberately inundating America with Third World illegals in order to secure future loyal subjects for the Democratic Party and to turn the US into a totalitarian far-left dictatorship.

The situation of the European Union is quite similar – or actually even worse.

They have their own brands of incompetent, anti-Western wokeists allowing the unbridled illegal resettlement of everybody from Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Asia.

On top of everything, the EU’s Third World illegals are even worse than the Latin American type the US is being overwhelmed with, because, unlike the latter, the former are Muslims, many of whom are just eager to exterminate and blow up Christian or atheist Europeans.

The Latin Americans flooding the US, in contrast, are more focusing on drug-gang-related violence. So maybe we should consider ourselves lucky?


So against this great, wonderful backdrop for the Western Civilization, Kamala is going on her third foreign trip on Monday to France, The New York Post reported.

Kamala will be there as European leaders are coming to France to commemorate Armistice Day which ended the First World War back in the fall of 1918.

She is going to have “high-profile” meetings – to the extent that anything about the clueless Kamala could be termed “high-profile” – with France’s President Emmanuel Macron and with Germany’s long-time now outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel – the woman who literally invited millions of young, able-bodied Middle Eastern Muslim men to settle in Europe, as well as other leaders.

Kamala will also make the European wokeists happy by partaking in a conference on Libya, a war-torn failed state, which is supposed to have peaceful elections and a stable government that would prevent illegal immigrants from all over Africa from heading to Europe via the Mediterranean – but will not.

Making sure EU is flooded with illegals like the US

To top it all off, Harris is going to actually declare her “deep concern for human rights” of illegals in Europe – because the Brandon administration just must make sure that the entire West is entirely overwhelmed by Third World illegals that are eager to turn North America into an extension of the Mexican drug lord-infested regions and Europe into an extension of the Middle Eastern warlord-infested regions.

And, by the way, Kamala is also supposed to “build upon” the efforts of the Biden administration to “mend” ties with France – after the US diplomacy led by the utterly pathetic Secretary of State of Joe Biden, Antony Blinken, made sure to totally humiliate France by getting it kicked out of a massive submarine deal with Australia.

Of course, Kamala will do so much less damage to both the United States and Europe if she would just stay home, and abstain from that third foreign trip, or any other trip ever.

But this is not how Kamala and the Brandon administration operate: see, they appear to want to do the damage, and will use every occasion to do so.