Republican Edward Durr, a truck driver with no prior political experience, made some of the most interesting and exciting news headlines last week, after he ran a humble campaign and managed to beat possibly the most powerful state-level Democrat in New Jersey, state Senate President Steve Sweeney.

Lots of new ballots just pop up?

As early as Thursday morning, the race in New Jersey’s Third Senate District, was called by The Associated Press for Durr.

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Durr won with 32,742 votes vs. 30,444 for Sweeney.

However, Steve Sweeney, the nice, murky, old-school, deeply entrenched establishment Democrat that he is – not to use other, more disturbing epithets, is still refusing to concede the race as of Sunday morning.

Sweeney has held South Jersey’s 3rd district seat since 2002, and has been state Senate President for the past decade.

On Thursday, he sent an email to the Philadelphia Inquirer declaring that he is not conceding because there have been 12,000 ballots that were “recently found in one county.”

What a nasty reminiscence, albeit a small-scale one, of the 2020 presidential election, in which mail-in ballots, “absentee” ballots, or just other ballots kept being found in favor of Sleepy Joe Biden here and there.

In his email, Sweeney admitted that he is “trailing in the race” but said that the New Jersey voters “deserve” to have every one of their votes counted, which is why he is going to wait for “the final results.

Since then, his office hasn’t released any details, for example, as to which county recently found those 12,000 additional ballots which the establishment Democrat mentioned in order to justify his refusal to concede the race.

According to, Sweeney is expected to be succeeded as New Jersey State Senate President by another Democrat, State Sen. Nicholas Scutari.

Political ‘nobody’

Republican Edward Durr, who has been a truck driver for furniture company Raymour and Flanigan for the past 25 years, campaigned on blue-collar and conservative values.

His campaign for the primaries spent only $153, while his general election campaign cost about $5,000.

Durr told CBS New York that even though he is a political “nobody”, he truly wants the job in the state Senate of New Jersey because of his determination to stand for the people and the fact that he has a “big mouth.”

He declared that his election is a “repudiation” of the nasty policies that have recently been pushed down people’s throats in the state of New Jersey, including with the COVID-19 pandemic as a justification.