Governor of the Sunshine State, Ron DeSantis, launched his 2022 reelection bid on Monday, by announcing the news through a Facebook post, suggesting that he intends to govern Florida and protect private and public sector employees for as long as he can.

DeSantis, who was endorsed by ex-President Donald Trump throughout the 2018 elections, also talked about issuing bills that will support the anti-mask mandate and protect employees for mandatory vaccines.

The concept behind this legislation is to set a variety of exceptions to the shot-mandate in private businesses.

DeSantis kicks off his 2022 Florida Elections campaign

While the majority of the public speculated that the Governor of Florida could run for President 2024, Ron wants to keep fighting for the future of the Sunshine State and keep Florida Republican stronghold.

Announcing the news through Facebook, DeSantis suggested that the future of Florida is on the line and that he doesn’t have plans to stop in his fight against far-leftist policies imposed by Sleepy Biden Administration.

He said that there is no time to wait as the elections are in just over one year.

In the three years of his mandate, Ron DeSantis managed to decrease the unemployment rate in Florida as well as support K12 education, and come out with new solutions for the Everglades.

Being one of the 27 Republican governors, Ron DeSantis strongly opposes the mask and vaccine mandate issued by Biden’s administration, but also Marxist-drive policies such as gender nonsense and CRT, making him one of the most prominent members of GOP.

DeSantis criticized the mask mandate for health employees who work at Medicare/Medicaid-supported facilities, as well as other federal workers.

Furthermore, Ron DeSantis wants to fight against the OSHA directive which proposes that all private businesses with 100+ employees need to introduce vaccine mandate or weekly COVID19 testing, continuing his fight against forcing federal contractors to receive a jab.

He promised to protect public and private employees, by declaring a plethora of exemptions, for pregnant women, those who can’t obtain a doctor’s exclusion as well as employees who have recovered from COVID19.

The Governor of Florida also banned government schools from imposing a mask or a vaccine mandate.

As of today, the Governor dismissed any rumors about candidating for President 2024.

Still, it can happen, considering that the Republican primaries will be running throughout 2023 and 2024, and assuming the role of Sunshine State Governor is a fantastic way to stay popular.