All that’s happening at this very moment with the United States of America is completely unprecedented and unbelievable!

The country, the greatest and most powerful nation the world has ever known, has been gripped by the far left, whose every single decision is based on vile ideology – and not on common sense, not on the American national identity, not on the interests of the American people, and not on honesty, fairness, and decency.

Being unbelievably incompetent doesn’t matter anymore: today’s rulers of America are all about entitlement.

They are convinced they must rule America, and do so forever, simply by virtue of the “worthiness” of their ideology.

Native American groups now dictate the policies and future of America

That is why the administration of Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden doesn’t give a squat about the fact that it has caused horrifying energy, supply chain, and inflation crisis on America – this just doesn’t matter to the Biden gang.

And that is also why, amid a rapidly approaching winter and skyrocketing gas and heating prices, the “Brandon” administration is actually seriously considering closing down another major oil pipeline in America’s infrastructure: Michigan Line 5.

Why would these ignorant “leaders” do that?

Well, because a bunch of Native Americans and environmental crazies are telling them to do.

Not because it is the right decision for the great American nation.

It is just striking how the Sleepy Joe government is letting not just eco-terrorists but now also Native American groups dictate national policies.

While Native Americans are American citizens like more than 330 million other people, because ill-conceived, ill-minded, vicious wokeism, they are now allowed to dictate the policy and the future of the entire American nation.

Why would that be the case when there is no rational reason for it?

Who has ever heard of anything like that in world history?

There is a reason that the United States was built where it was built by the people who built it, and not by the Native American tribes.

And that reason is civilizational and does not have anything to do with all the nasty accusations designed to shame white people for no other reason than to ensure the permanent power grab of the Marxists.

All aspects of America’s wokeist plight are visible in the possibility to shut down the Line 5 pipeline going from Superior in Wisconsin to Sarnia in Ontario.

Apparently, the Biden administration is looking into whether its closure would cause fuel prices to spike further – never mind that this is a no-brainer.

In a letter from last Thursday, a total of 13 members of Congress led by Rep. Bob Latta of Ohio have called upon Sleepy Joe Biden to keep the pipeline running, describing it as “essential to the lifeblood of the Midwest.”

That will likely fall on deaf ears because Biden doesn’t care about the Midwest or any other part of the country, just about retaining power.

Shutting down America’s pipelines, helping Russia build pipeline

The lawmakers warn that the closure of the pipeline will destroy tens of thousands of jobs, damage billions of dollars’ worth of economic activity, and put the environment at much greater risk because trucks and trains will have to be used to replace it – but what does the Brandon administration care about any of that?

The pipeline in question is part of a network transporting about 540,000 barrels of oil from Western Canada to the US Midwest.

Biden is eager to shut all of America’s oil pipelines in order to satisfy the sick perversions of “environmentalists” and “indigenous groups”.

He already destroyed thousands of jobs with the closure of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

At the same time, Joe actually helped Russian dictator Vladimir Putin build a new natural gas pipeline to Germany to make Moscow tens of billions of extra dollars per year.

Of course, Putin isn’t Biden, and isn’t kowtowing to wokeism.

The entire Biden administration is so incompetent, viciously anti-American, and moronic that Biden’s Energy Secretary, Canadian-born Jennifer Granholm, who also happens to have been a former governor of Michigan, on Sunday told CNN that the oil pipeline might as well be shut down.


Because, she insisted, fuel prices are going to really skyrocket this winter “anyway”.

And this coming at a moment when fuel prices in the US are at a seven-year high, at a time when Biden is shutting down American pipelines while helping Putin build more and more of those.

What an outrage!