Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the vicious far-left Marxist-Communist representative from New York, doesn’t have a problem with wokeism.

And how could she?

Did the Soviet Union Commies have a problem with Communism?

Or do drug addicts feel like they have a problem, at least at first?

AOC is part of that very problem, she stands for wokeism.

It is America that has that problem.

AOC’s woke problem that she doesn’t have

In her latest outburst in defense of the vile wokeist ideology, AOC insisted that the “woke problem” has been invented by the GOP in order to divert the Democrats and their allies from fighting against racial injustice and in favor of electoral reform.

In a series of tweets, she argued that the Democratic Party risks major electoral losses if it distances itself from the issue of “racial justice in voting rights”, and that the “invention” of a woke problem damages her party reelection chances for Congress and the White House.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Democrats’ so-called ‘woke problem’ was ‘made up’ to try and push the left away from fighting for racial injustice and election reform, which she claims could help them win.

She brushed off well-grounded criticism by both old-school Democrats and by Republicans, as both of these groups observed her party’s abysmal electoral performance in Virginia and New Jersey to be a consequence of the Democrats’ embracing wokeism.

Instead, AOC, like that drug addict, argued that the very term “woke” is nothing but a way for the Republican Party to carry out attacks against the Democrats, and to crack down on civil rights “achievements” – such as teaching the vicious critical race theory in American schools.

Completely disregarding reality and her own horrendous wokeism sins and crimes against America, Ocasio-Cortez argued that “woke” is just a “derogatory euphemism” with respect to “justice and civil rights”.

Her deranged Communist rant went ahead with the moronic claim that Fox News doesn’t justice “indoctrinate” right-wing voters but also “conditions” Democrats about what they needed to evade.

Unperturbed even after James Carville destroys wokeness

AOC’s mindless Twitter rant came after last week GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe, while in New Jersey the Democrat incumbent, Phil Murphy, barely survived against Republican Jack Ciattarelli.

Back in 2020, Biden won both states, by 10 points and by 15 points, respectively.

AOC spoke out with her Commie nonsense also after last week James Carville, the emblematic Democratic strategist behind Bill Clinton’s election, totally ripped apart the Democratic Party by declaring that its electoral collapse is being driven by “stupid wokeness”.

He argued that some members of the Democratic Party needed a “detox” from wokeism.

Instead of actually listening to Carville’s advice, AOC has been lambasting him ever since, impudently claiming that “only Fox News pundits” and James Carville are using the word “woke” – never that what she is said is utterly ageist, not to mention nonsensical.