Once more, President Biden gave one of the few (unannounced) interviews for local television - the Cincinnati Local 12 station.

This interview came just two days after a poll conducted by USA Today / Suffolk University revealed Biden’s popularity had dropped to a devastating 38%.

The results of the poll showed the dissatisfaction of voters with the presidential policy, or rather the lack of it, so half of the respondents stated that Biden did not meet their expectations.

In an interview given to Local 12, when asked by reporter Kyle Inskeep if the poll results show his Administration is going in the wrong direction and the focus of his policies should change, Biden said he did not run for president because of the polls, blaming Americans’ dissatisfaction with his work on the coronavirus pandemic and rising gas prices.

Completely unrelated to the interviewer’s question, Biden began an analysis of the consequences the coronavirus has on people’s psychological health.

Biden said 750,000 people had died from the coronavirus, schools had closed as a result, and how all of this had far-reaching consequences for the human psyche.

He added that gas prices have risen dramatically and concluded the results of these polls can be compared to the results his predecessors had while holding the presidency.

The latter is entirely incorrect because if compared with his predecessor Trump, his popularity, ie unpopularity was at these levels only after the attack of his supporters to the Capitol in January, just before leaving the presidency.

Late again

At the start of the interview, the host excused the “very busy” Biden for being late for the interview.

Still, by the meaningfulness of the answers he gave, it still seems sleepy Joe took a little nap before the interview and did not manage to wake up fully during the 7-minute interview.

Regarding the president’s tv appearances, by the end of October Biden gave one-fifth of the interviews compared to his predecessor Trump in the same period of time, and one-eighth of the interviews compared to Obama.

Journalists often complain about Biden’s obvious media inaccessibility, stating that his communication team isn’t helping much, noting how most of his TV interviews and speeches are recorded in advance.

Biden must see a glimmer of light in the fact that on Friday, after months of strenuous negotiations, the House finally adopted a $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill he falsely advocates as an expenseless help to Americans in resolving the financial crisis, rising inflation, and supply chain problems.

Americans no longer seem to have the patience for a sweet-spoken, sleepy, and inaccessible president whose popularity and support began to plummet in August this year with the withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan and the country’s increasingly difficult economic situation.

All the reasons have nothing to do with Biden’s incoherent attempts to explain the lack of support by blaming the coronavirus and the human psyche.