Today’s American voters can be categorized as belonging to one out of a total of nine “political tribes” based on their ideological preferences, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center, a centrist, non-partisan pollster and think tank based in Washington, DC.

Progressivists are fewest but most vocal

Perhaps the most notable finding of the Pew Research Center report released on Tuesday is that the political group, or “tribe”, described as “Progressive Left” is actually the smallest one of all, with only a total of 6% of all American voters categorized as part of it.

That is a particularly striking finding considering how, under the administration of Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, extremely radical far-left progressives of the type of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York appear dominant, highly powerful, or at least deafeningly vocal.

The AOC-style progressives – or, more precisely, “progressivists” – because “progressives” would imply that they are contributing to “progress” whereas in fact they are pushing a vile Marxist, anti-American agenda – are certainly wielding disproportionally large influence over the decisions and policies of the Sleepy Joe administration, even if they aren’t calling all the shots, yet.

According to Pew Research, the nine American political tribes include four that lean right, one of some “stressed sideliners” in the center, and four that lean left.

The report is based on a survey of a total of 10,221 adults carried out between July 8 and July 18, 2021, with more data available from interviews the think tank has been conducting with voters since January 2020.

The report has found both a high degree of partisan polarization between Right / Republican and Left / Democrat voters, but also high levels of internal divisions within each of those ideological / party families.

While the Pew Research report found that only 6% of the American public can be classified as “Progressivist Left”, the most vile, truly Marxist, anti-American type, its overall breakdown brings bad news for the right, conservatives and Republicans, since the four “tribes” that make up their section of the ideological spectrum are found to account for only 40% of the American public.

The four leftist “tribes” on the other hand, contain 45% of the American public, while the “Stressed Sideliners” in the center – which are also described as the group that is least interested in politics – are estimated at a total of 15% of the public.

The Nine Tribes

The so-identified nine “political tribes” in the US, according to The Pew Research Center, are characterized, as follows:

The Flag and Faith Conservatives are the most right-wing and conservative group of all, and are said to be 10% of the American public, and 23% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters.

They are mostly white and Christian, and most supportive of religious values, and their role in government.

The Committed Conservatives group is estimated at 7% of the American public, and 15% of the Republican and Republican-leaning voters.

It is described as a softer version of the Flag and Faith Conservatives above.

They are somewhat more supportive of immigration, and support America’s foreign alliances.

While they support Trump, they would prefer a Reagan-type president.

The Populist Right group, or “tribe”, is estimated at 11% of the American public, and 23% of the pro-Republican voters.

It is described as “less educated” and often from rural communities.

It opposes immigration and US corporations.

They are very pro-Trump, but also believe in raising taxes for the richest.

The Ambivalent Right group contains 12% of the American public, and 18% of the Republican and Republican-leaning voters.

It is said to be the youngest of the right-wing “tribes” and is traditional and conservative on issues such as race, gender, the economy, and small government.

It is tolerant of same-sex marriage, abortion rights, or the legalization of marijuana.

Most of this group support Trump but about a quarter of it may be Democrat-leaners.

The Progressive Left group, the one mentioned above, which makes up 6% of the American public, and 12% of all pro-Democrat voters, is described as the only majority-white leftist group.

It is very liberal on every issue, and extremely pro-“racial justice” and the “social safety net.”

It is also said to be the most politically active one of the four Democrat “tribes.”

The Establishment Liberals are 13% of the American public, and 23% of pro-Democrat voters.

This group is said to be very liberal, too, but somewhat more reluctant to support sweeping changes, and preferring incremental change and compromise.

It also believes in seeking inclusiveness of Republican viewpoints.

The group of the Democratic Mainstays makes up 16% of the American public, and 28% of pro-Democrat voters, making it the biggest left-wing “tribe”.

It is made up of Democrat loyalists but more moderate ones, who are “less likely” to have a college education.

While they may identify as moderates, their views are said to be mostly liberal.

However, they are more worried about illegal immigration than other Democrat-leaners and are pro-military to a higher degree.

A total of 40% of black Democrats are categorized as belonging to this group.

The Outsider Left group has about 10% of the American public, and 16% of the Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters.

It is the youngest Left/Democrat group, and tends to be highly frustrated with both the Democratic Party, and the political system, even though it mostly supported Joe Biden in the last election.

The group might consider itself to be politically independent but it is liberal on race, immigration, and climate change.

It is found to not vote reliably but is Democrat-leaning.

The non-committal group of the Stressed Sideliners makes up about 15% of the public, but 10% of the voters, as per Pew Research’s estimates.

It is said to be socially conservative but liberal on the economy, as well as to be “economically stressed.

The group is mostly disinterested in politics.

About 45% of it took part in the 2020 election, and the votes were about evenly divided between Trump and Biden.