Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia’s gubernatorial election last week over Democrat Terry McAuliffe has led some anti-Trump pundits, both of right-wing and of Democrat leanings, to speculate that, hey, the GOP is winning elections without Donald Trump, and we might as well discard him now.

Except there have been no rational reasons for such a questionable, unfounded conclusion, and there is no necessity for anything like that, either.

Those who have published such stories – including CNN – most probably seek to cause an intra-Republican rift between Trump supporters, who are the overwhelming majority of Republican voters, and those few Republicans who don’t really like him.

The left’s sorry attempt to drive wedge between Trump supporters and other Republicans Considering Trump’s incredible popularity – not just with Republicans but also increasingly now with independents thanks to the blunder-after-blunder, crisis-after-crisis Biden administration – the 45th President of the United States is the most worthy and deserving Republican bidder for the 2024 election, and the one with the highest chances of winning.

Now, the articles alleging that the GOP can do without Trump all claimed that Youngkin sort of distanced himself from Trump, which isn’t really the case, or that the Trump supporters weren’t crucial for his electoral success, which is a lie since the grand majority of GOP voters are Trump supporters.

Not to mention the failure to answer the question as to even if the GOP could win “without Trump”, what would be the reason to cut him out of the picture.


Except for making CNN and the failed, sore loser Democrats happy.

What a noble reason indeed!

POTUS 45 did just reaffirm the reality that his contribution, through the support of MAGA fans, was of tremendous importance for the Republican victory in Virginia.

Trump gave a speech in Tampa, Florida, at the National Republican Congressional Committee on Monday, saying that Youngkin would have lost, had it not been for MAGA supporters – and he is most probably right, considering the small lead that he had over McAuliffe.

Because the fact of the matter is that while Trump didn’t go to Virginia to appear in person together with Youngkin, he still did campaign heavily for him from Florida, with his statements, messages, and TV appearances – much to the disappointment of CNN and the rest of the liberal leftist propaganda machines.

Rebuking rogue Republicans

In his speech to the RNC in Tampa, POTUS 45 lambasted the 13 Republican members of the House of Representatives who voted to pass Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

He stated that the “thank you” for this entire development should go to these 13 Republican House members.

Even though the same bill was passed by the Senate with the support of a total of 19 GOP Senators back in August, leading the Democrats to describe it as “bipartisan”, Trump has been speaking categorically against it from the start.