American consumers from sea to shining sea are getting hammered heavily by inflation of basic goods, and especially by the skyrocketing gas prices at a rate not seen in many, many years.

Nevertheless, the administration of Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is going about its everyday business of trying to do irreparable damage to the United States of America, naturally without giving a damn about gas prices.

Laughing off the skyrocketing gas prices

It is, of course, grossly incompetent but what’s even more problematic is that it simply does not care.

And from here it is a tiny step to the next level, in which it is actively seeking to cause crises and horrors upon the American society.

That’s not unimaginable considering the implicit desire of the far left, the kind dominating the Biden administration, to cause the eventual collapse of the American society and replace it with a far-left totalitarian regime.

Sure, there is a wide range of steps that the President of the United States can take to at least try to alleviate the spiking gas prices.

Those range from releasing gas from the national reserves to seeking ways to get the US shale oil industry booming again – after just a few years back it made America the largest oil producer in the world, surpassing both Russia and Saudi Arabia.

But Sleepy Joe doesn’t want to do anything.

His Canadian-born Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm actually had a good laugh on live TV when asked about this a few days back.

So on Monday, Karine Jean-Pierre, the repugnant Deputy Press Secretary of the Biden White House was simply unable to name any measure that Sleepy Joe was mulling over in order to mitigate the rise of fuel prices.

When asked by a reporter about it on Monday, Jean-Pierre just said that the Biden administration didn’t have “anything to share” with the embattled American public at the present moment.

Jean-Pierre tried to assuage the fears of the public by insisting that the administration is monitoring the situation, i.e. they are observing as the prices are soaring.

Psaki’s tool belts

Repugnant Jen Psaki’s equally repugnant deputy also insisted that the administration is “making sure” that it has “tools in our tool belts.

What kind of tools, anybody would ask?

The “no” kind – Jean-Pierre was just using one of the most useless clichés in political and corporate communications.

She mentioned only that Biden asked the Federal Trade Commission to tackle illegal prices, which was already known, and wouldn’t have much impact anyway.

Despite repeated questions on the topic, the deputy press secretary of the White House kept repeating she has “nothing specific here”.

And she kept insisting on “monitoring” and “having tools in our arsenal” without knowing what these “tools” are.