This absurdity is still going on: Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is still pressing on with the appointment of an actual real-life Communist born, raised, and educated in the Soviet Union as Comptroller of the Currency, a key post at the Treasury Department.

And why wouldn’t it?!

After all, “Marxists of all countries, unite!” to the detriment of the common, honest, law-abiding, and tax-paying folk.

In spite of all red flags surrounding Sleepy Joe’s nomination of Saule Omarova, a native of today’s Kazakhstan, then the Soviet Union, and a graduate of Moscow State University, to supervise America’s banks, is going ahead.

Omarova, a seemingly ardent Communist who has praised the Soviet Union publicly, is presently a law professor at Cornell University – because where would a Soviet Commie intellectual end up in today’s America except with like-minded modern-day American Marxists?

Another gigantic red flag

Now there is a new giant red flag that should help once and for all end any ambitions to install the rile-life Communist on any position with the US government.

A video has surfaced in which Omarova, Biden’s favorite, actually states she wants oil and gas companies to literally “go bankrupt” because that will help fight climate change.

The video clip in question was shared online by the American Accountability Foundation, a pro-conservative NPO.

The vile Soviet-born Cornell-employed communist made the comment about wanting the oil and gas industry to be bankrupted back in February as she was participating in a Social Wealth Seminar – whatever the heck that is – at the Jain Family Institute.

She was actually arguing in favor of establishing a National Investment Authority, a body to pull resources from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department in order to use those as private and public capital for green infrastructure.

Still Soviet Communism, Just Green

So in essence what Omarova proposed there is green communism.

But you gotta give it to her: she’s moved from the notion of the giant, rusty, and totally useless communist-era heavy industry factories of the Soviet Union.

She is a modern Commie who now advocates the destruction of freedom and free enterprise and all that’s good and pure for the sake of climate change and green projects.

So it’s all the same type of communism, except now the justification is climate change and the environment.

What’s interesting is how Omarova plans to keep everything running without oil and gas before some big economically viable alternatives are developed – but, hey, the Commies are never big on such little, mundane details.

They are all about the big stuff: big crimes, big monstrosities, big disgrace, big embezzlements, big concentration camps, you name it.

With every single of the 50 Republicans expected to vote against Biden’s Communist pick for Treasury Comptroller, the newly leaked video is – and hopefully so – hurting her confirmation chances.

At least three Democrat Senators are opposed to Omarova’s confirmation, according to Axios: the common-sense moderates Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, plus Jon Tester of Montana.

Hopefully, these last pockets of reason and responsibility in the Democratic Party will prevail for the sake of having an actual Soviet Communist supervise America’s banks.