It is painfully obvious that the giant resettlement of Third World illegals inside the United States by the viciously wokeist administration of Sleepy Joe “the Democrat President” Biden is going to be backfiring tremendously, and not just for the great American nation but even for the evil individuals who are perpetrating it right now.

Of course, so far, in the first nine months of the Biden administration, it has only managed to bring in close to 2 million illegals from across Latin America and the Caribbean plus something in the vicinity of 100,000 Afghan “refugees” after the catastrophic Afghanistan pullout.

Imagine how many more Third World illegals we are going to get in four years of the Biden-Kamala gang – 10 million? 20 million? 50 million?

Just one of the many illegals Biden is blessing us with

In any case, the unbridled illegal immigration is backfiring already.

One blatant case proving that is a murder committed in Florida by a 24-year-old illegal from Honduras who killed a 46-year-old man in Jacksonville who had taken him in.

The illegal immigrant murderer was let in precisely thanks to the no-US-Mexican border policies of the Biden administration – and the entire case has led Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis to declare that the victim’s blood is on Joe Biden’s hands – and rightfully and justifiably so.

Yery Noel Medina Ulloa, the illegal Honduran, was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, on October 7, over the murder of Francisco Javier Cuellar, who had put him up in his home, The Daily Mail reported.

Ulloa had arrived in Florida two months prior.

He referred to Cuellar as his uncle but it remains unclear if the two had any biological relation.

Ulloa is now known to have lied to immigration officers at the US-Mexican border that he was 17, i.e. a minor, and that his name was Reynel Alexander Hernandez.

He now claims that he stabbed Cuellar to death only because his “Uncle Francisco” had hit him.

Man would’ve been alive had it not been for Biden

The Florida law enforcement has no idea how Ulloa ended up in their state.

However, Governor DeSantis is positive that the murderer from Honduras was brought to Florida on one of the numerous clandestine flights that the Biden administration is performing to spread out illegal immigrants all across the US.

Because, yes, the Marxist-wokeist-hijacked federal government of the United States of America is now secretly flying illegal immigrant criminals around the country in order to resettle them more evenly and less noticeably to avoid backlash as much as possible.

DeSantis told Fox News anchor Sean Hannity that the authorities of the state of Florida are never notified by the Biden regime when their illegal immigrant resettlement flights are coming in.

Very often these flights arrive at night.

He emphasized that one of those “illegals that Biden flew in” actually committed murder in Florida, and that the victim would be alive today “had Biden not been doing this”.

During a press conference earlier on Wednesday, DeSantis ripped Biden over the case and the entire crime against America of settling illegals.

He suggested he’d look into ways to ship those illegals off to Delaware, Biden’s home state.

The Florida governor also lambasted Biden for taking a stance again illegal immigration at the Belarus-Polish/EU border, while allowing everybody to go through the US-Mexican border and settle at will.