Of course, a senile wokeist Democrat in the White House such as Joe Biden won’t do anything – but America seems to be in a situation where it needs activation of the Insurrection Act.

That is so because a leader of the far-left terrorist BLM movement has just openly threatened the largest US city, New York, with “bloodshed” and “riots”.

Yes, that’s correct.

And the reason for that is the possibility that NYC’s new mayor, former police officer Eric Adams, might reinstate anti-crime units at the NYPD.

Can you imagine what a disaster and failure this signifies?

Has the United States of America become a failed state where ethnic warlords can now just go out there and threaten the public?

What a disgrace!

Hawk Newsome, a co-founder of BLM in New York, made the vicious threats after a closed-door debate with Adams, the Democrat mayor-elect of the city.

Adams, who is a former captain at the NYPD, has angered the vile anti-American racists at the BLM with his pledge to restore anti-crime units consisting of some 600 plainclothes police officers to target violent crime.

And the BLM is angry.


It’s not because the anti-crime units are “racist”, which is what they’d have you believe.

It must be because it would prevent its members from engaging in violent crimes.

If you cry bloody murder over the forming of anti-crime units, it must be because they will affect you

What’s is commendable for Adams is that he didn’t stop but actually hit back at Newsome that he also has to be held accountable for his actions, and not make demands.

Of course, in a different situation, this wouldn’t even be discussed, the person who threatens with bloodshed in the streets would be immediately neutralized as a dangerous domestic terrorist.

Adams evidently told Newsome that he is going to hold him accountable over violence in New York City.

He further told the vicious BLM wokeist – who has called US government officials “terrorists” because he thinks the United States “pillages different countries” – that the “stop-and-frisk” anti-crime units in NYC have never really gone away.

Adams also emphasized that his job will be focused on protection in the city, instead of “the disorder we feel at this time.”

That is because Newsome told a crowd out Brooklyn Borough Hall that if Adams brings back the units, “there will be riots”, and “there will be fire” and “there will be bloodshed.”

He told that he wouldn’t tolerate Eric Adams sending “some Gestapo” to “harm our people.”

What an honest, unbelievable degradation NYC and America as a whole have ended up with.