With prices skyrocketing and the holidays just around the corner, many Americans had to set their priorities straight and turn to shop in the more affordable discount store chains around the nation.

Dollar General and Walmart seem to have profited the most, with statistics showing a massive increase in shopping at those stores, as well as Target, Big Lots, and Ross.

Facteus senior VP of marketing Steve Shaw claims these sales to be related to the inevitable trending of holiday shopping during this time of year and for the greater part, the ever-growing economical inflation the US is facing at the moment, with consumer goods increasing by 6.2% in price and inflation spike unheard of in the past 30 years.

Only last month, sales at My Family Dollar increased by $11.1 million, setting the rate of shopping at dollar stores a staggering 30% above average during this time of the year.

Naturally, Joe Biden spoke up on the inflation and tried to downplay the 6.2% spike by blaming it on market manipulation and gas prices, which seems to be a pattern with Joe, downplaying a situation he is directly tied to.

With statistics showing a 59% increase in gas and 24% in meat prices, it is very unclear how the Biden administration can continue to claim the inflation issue is overblown and not at all out of control.

In fact, after stating for months that inflation is not a problem and that the price spikes are natural and a sign of a strong economy, last Wednesday, Biden and his administration have claimed that their $1.2 trillion „Build Back Better” plan will aim to tackle the problem of inflation and that the Carter-era inflation record will not be broken.

„US citizens don’t know how the supply chain works“

Moreover, the president mocked those who warned about inflation, claiming them to not have an understanding of how supply chains work, with his statement in Baltimore that even people with Ph.D.’s don’t seem to understand how supply and demand work.

Regardless of someone’s knowledge or lack thereof on the idea of supply chains, the fact still remains that the cost of living has increased substantially and will continue to rise unless Joe decides to do something about it, and do it quickly.

Over the past year, Atlanta seems to have felt the brunt of the crisis with consumer goods spiking more than 7.1% and transport prices rising over 21%.

A pattern emerges from the data, showing that left-leaning areas seem to have been spared, with San Francisco area only showing an increase of 3.8% for consumer goods, but given the left’s past actions, these numbers could be far from the truth, possibly with the intent to continue downplaying the economic crisis.

With the inflation growing each month, the US is likely on the verge of an economical meltdown and Biden’s plan that will inevitably throw the country into even more debt might not be the real solution.

Dollar stores might have profited from this surge of shoppers, but the crisis might force them into increasing their prices too, and sooner than later many of these franchises will have to reconsider basing their entire branding around everything costing $1.