It is almost inspiring that New York City’s Mayor-elect, Eric Adams, a black Democrat, and a former NYPD Captain, actually seems to have a desire to crack down on the city’s rampant crime.

And it is almost endearing how naïve that desire of his might be – if it is genuine, of course – since he seems to be thinking that a Democratic Party heavily dominated by vicious wokeism would actually let him crack down on crime.

Because in the distorted, evil minds of Democrats that would be racist.

And white supremacist.

Never mind that the person who wants law, order, and justice happens to be black.

He is still a racist (towards people of color, that is), and, of course, he is an absolute white supremacist, hands down, no questions asked.

Adams seems to be finding out the hard way that he can’t take on wokeism within his own party even from the position of a black Democrat.

Poor, naïve Eric Adams who doesn’t know that wokeism obliterates justice

Two days ago, Hawk Newsome, an apparent America-hating BLM thug, threatened Adams to his face that if he tries to reinstate special anti-crime units, there will be “riots and bloodshed” across New York City.

Why would anybody say such a thing unless he is an actual criminal who has a lot to worry about and is afraid of anti-crime units?!

How long is the lunacy of wokeist Democrats using “anti-racism” as a cover-up for vicious crime going to last for?

So it’s been 2-3 days since that vicious BLM threat against the American public and the most populous city in the US, and no Democrats have condemned it.

That is what NYC’s Mayor-elect has found out.

Speaking at a news conference on Friday, Adams wondered why that is the case.

He actually felt the need to “dare” fellow Democrats – likely to no avail due to rampant wokeism – to condemn the BLM terrorists’ bloodshed threats.

The NYC Mayor-elect saw himself forced to actually declare that this would be “an excellent moment” for Democrats on the local, state, and federal level to stand up and declare that there could be “justice without violence,” and that threats of bloodshed are completely unacceptable.

One almost feels sorry for Adams as his calls appear doomed – they bound only to land on wokeist deaf ears.

Whatever happened to America with the wokeism monstrosity – so as to feel obliged to state obvious truths, only to have none to answer your call.

Not to worry.

The FBI is going to rip you and anybody apart for “white supremacism” – in a country founded by white people, based on “white” government principles of freedom and democracy – but the BLM terrorists who are openly telling you that they will spill your blood out in the streets of your own cities – those are wonderful angel-like darlings that nobody is going to even touch.

All about the killing of BLM children apparently

The BLM thug, Newsome, has since made some clarifying comments to The New York Daily News about his bloodshed threats, in which he said Adams’ desire to restore the city’s anti-crime units of plainclothes’ police officers made him think black Americans killed by cops.

And he enumerated Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.

Because of course – the United States of America from now on is going to base entire law enforcement and justice systems on several cases of controversial circumstances.

There should be no law, order, and justice, just criminals who will complain of racism the moment a police officer approaches them.

The impudent, nasty BLM terrorist threatening Americans with bloodshed concluded that Eric Adams legitimately wants “to put our children in danger” – and that scared him.


How can there be any doubt that Eric Adams woke up the other day, and said to himself, “Hey, let’s restore anti-crime units so they can go out and start killing BLM children!”

It is amazing how the United States of America has devolved into such an absurdist country.