It can’t be easy being a propaganda stooge of a failed far-left administration – there goes Sleepy Joe “the Democrat President” Biden blundering, gaffing, and getting lost every single day, saying and doing stupid things, inflicting irreparable damage on the United States of America – and you have to cover it all up, or dilute it, or somehow explain it to the American public.

Of course, it helps if you don’t possess morals and you are just as obnoxious and impudent as is Jen Psaki, exactly the person who has the press secretary job for the Empty Shelves Joe administration.

So we shouldn’t really feel sorry for her – except for her soul but that’s another topic.

Psaki seems to enjoy peddling lies, half-truths, and propaganda to the American people – and it helps a great deal that a big share of the “media” to whom she is supposed to respond are overwhelmingly “regime-friendly” leftist propagandists.

Some friendly fire from NBC

Or maybe not always, or not 100%, just 99%.

Because on Friday, Psaki got asked during her daily press conference what Sleepy Joe makes of the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogans and chants, a euphemism for “F**k Joe Biden”, which have spread like a wildfire from sea to shining sea.

And the question didn’t come from Fox News or anything but from the reporter of the overly Biden-friendly NBC News.

The reporter, Peter Alexander, called the slogan a “code for a profane slogan” against Sleepy Joe.

It is funny that he should ask – considering it was NBC News that gave birth to the euphemistic chant, after their sports reporter Kelli Stavast tried to cover up “F**k Joe Biden” chants at a NASCAR track, and came up with a Democrat-palatable alternative.

What did Psaki do when asked what Biden thinks of the slogan which has truly united the bulk of the American nation in recent weeks?

She totally tried to disparage it.

Psaki said Biden doesn’t “spend much time focused” or thinking about the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant – of course, we should consider the fact that he hardly can spend much time focused on anything at all, considering his obvious senility.

Back with more impudence

She then tried to use the occasion to attack the Republicans, Donald Trump, or just any American patriot and all who are using the chant, by arguing that it is because of them that America doesn’t have a “civil engagement and discourse.”

Psaki even ludicrously claimed the moral high ground for Empty Shelves Joe by reminding that he wants “to govern for all Americans”.

There is no doubt about that, though.

He wants to govern for all Americans, and he seemingly wants to destroy this nation, this republic, and this democracy for all Americans – to the benefit of a limited few, the Marxist-Democrat totalitarian elite.

Friday’s press conference was Jen’s first in 13 days after she contracted the coronavirus – and she’s certainly come back well-charged with nice doses of obnoxiousness and impudence – as ridiculous “Let’s Go Brandon” comments demonstrated.